For International Students and Scholars


Programs lasting just one semester or one year


All English abilities are welcome. Students may take courses in our undergraduate or English language program.

Level 1: Intensive English

For students wishing to improve their English, five levels are offered from Beginner to Advanced. Topics include Reading, Writing, Vocabulary, Grammar, Listening, Speaking, and Pronunciation. Custom-length intensive English programs are available for groups.

Level 2: Academic Prep

Students transition from ESL to academic content classrooms with an introductory content course and skill building courses in academic writing, grammar, reading, vocabulary, and oral skills.

Level 3: Academic English

Students take a mix of academic and advanced English courses, including Advanced College Writing, Advanced Grammar, Oral Skills, etc.

Level 4-Undergraduate

Students take up to four courses of their choice in any subject that is offered at Saint Michael’s College and for which they are qualified.

At Each Level

  • Full immersion in university life. Non-degree students students enjoy the same status as four-year degree students.
  • Summer programs available.
  • University credit for all courses in Undergraduate level, for most courses in Academic English levels, and partial credit at Academic Bridge level.
  • English-language admission test is not required for students at the Intensive English level, nor to transfer between levels.
  • Average class size is fewer than 15 students.
  • Included: Conversation Partners, Extra Curricular Activities, Cultural Activities, Academic Advising, Volunteer Opportunities


A detailed description of all courses and levels available for non-degree study. more


Non-Degree students live on campus and enjoy full access to all university facilities and programs. more


Language proficiency requirements for each level. more



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