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Dave Volpe '05

Music Composer

I enjoy maintaining the challenging but very rewarding lifestyle of a freelance professional composer in Los Angeles. I moved to SoCal in 2009 to attend the Scoring for Motion Pictures in Television program at USC's Thornton School of Music.  There I was afforded the opportunity to mentor with Thomas Newman and study with some of the industry's leading professionals. Since graduating in 2010, I've been working steadily scoring numerous short films, three feature films, and various corporate and commercial videos. You can hear all my latest tracks on my SoundCloud page

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of studying music at Saint Michael's lies in the fact that it is not a conservatory of music. As such, one has the freedom to study various disciplines and ultimately unearth new sources of inspiration and depth that might not otherwise have been discovered under the razor sharp focus of a conservatory.

I did not enter Saint Michael's College with the intention of pursuing a career in music; in fact, I spent the first two years focused on a psychology major. Because the very nature of a liberal arts education is nurturing and encourages questioning and exploration, and because those traits are held to their truest level at SMC, I was able to realize without pressure that music was the direction I wanted to take. The college has a collection of devoted music faculty as well as an outstanding liturgical music minister, all who were willing to walk through fire to help me grow as a musician and deliver me into the best possible post-collegiate scenario. I feel very fortunate and very proud to be a part of the Saint Michael’s family and am convinced my success is due in large part to the support I received there.

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