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Anna Strong '20

What brought you to Saint Michael’s College?

To be honest, at first it was the monetary side of things. I wasn’t looking at St. Mike’s at all, but several people had recommended it to me, since I was looking at small liberal arts schools. I’m from Vermont though, so I kind of wanted to get out of the state. Then I was nominated for a pretty significant scholarship, so I decided I had to at least apply. When I visited, I liked it more than I thought I would. One thing led to another, and I wound up here, and I’m happy that I did.


What is your favorite part of being here?

Definitely the community. I’m from a really small town, so community has always been a big part of my life. Everywhere I go, I see people that I know, and professors know my name. I really like that personal aspect of things.


What is one memorable experience that you have had here so far?

Meeting my roommate is the first thing I think of. We were paired randomly, and we were both pretty nervous about it, but when we met we just clicked. Now we’re great friends and we do everything together, including making other friends. I think making that first initial connection was crucial to setting myself up for success. We’re pretty different, but I think that’s helped both of us to broaden our horizons.


What clubs and activities are you involved in on campus?

I’m involved in the Best Buddies program through MOVE, and the Residence Hall Association. I also play the flute in Concert Band, as well as intramural basketball. Off campus, I volunteer at a therapeutic riding barn once a week, and I horseback ride three times a week in Winooski at another barn. I volunteered at a therapeutic riding barn near my house during high school, so it was nice to find that connection here and be able to continue that interest.


What has been your favorite class so far?

I took a sociology class last semester that I found really cool. It was very discussion based, and my professor was very enthusiastic and excited to be there, which made me excited to be there. I definitely like working with people and trying to figure them out, so that class was not only interesting but it also gave me a glimpse into what I think I might want to do in the future.


Do you have a favorite Professor?

Professor Redman, my sociology professor, is definitely one of my favorites. Other than her, I really like my music theory professor, Professor Ellis, and Professor McDuffy, my psychology professor. Professor Ellis is very laid back, which fosters a non-stressful environment. Professor McDuffy also really enthusiastic, and she fosters discussion well. I like how she uses stories to get the information across.


Has your experience at Saint Michael’s been different than what you expected it to be?

It definitely has, considering that I didn’t even want to go to St. Mike’s at first, but I was pleasantly surprised. I was a little nervous at first that it would just be more of the same, since I’m from here, but I feel like I’m discovering Vermont in a new way. Burlington is very different from my hometown. I definitely like the small class sizes. They’re different than the small classes I experienced in high school because people want to be here more, which helps to make the class more interesting because people are more willing to talk. Maybe all small schools are like that, but I like to think that St. Mike’s is unique.


What do you like to do in your spare time?

I spend a lot of time at the barn where I volunteer, or hanging out in the music building getting some work done. Other than that, I’m always up for movie nights on the weekends.


Do you intend to study abroad?

I hope to - at least a service trip if not an entire semester. I think staying in Vermont for most of my life has made me want to branch out further. Studying abroad is definitely encouraged here, which I think is a good thing. People should definitely get out and see the world if they have the opportunity.


Where is your favorite place on campus to hang out?

Probably my dorm room. My roommate and I have made it a very homey space, where we can do work or just hang out. Other than that, I spend a lot of time in the gym and the music building. I definitely enjoy being outside as well, when the weather is pleasant enough for it.


What’s your favorite place around town?

Church Street is definitely my go-to place. Other than that, I really like spending time in the barn. Playing with horses at the end of a long, stressful day is very therapeutic.


Do you feel Saint Michael’s has become your home away from home? If so, how did it become that for you?

Yeah, I do. The community was definitely a big part of that. Even though this community is a lot different from my hometown, still having a small community helped to solidify it as a home away from home. Knowing people, especially people that will help you if you need anything, has helped me become more comfortable. Finding the barn that I go to, as well as figuring out how to stay involved with basketball and music and just continue all my prior interests also helped.


How did the transition to college go for you?

It actually went really smoothly. I was nervous about adjusting to dorm life, because at home I live on a dairy farm and so I had a lot of space, but it wasn’t even hard. I do miss my mom’s cooking, but other than that I’ve been able to adapt really well.


What would you say to prospective students about the college process, especially those looking into St. Mike’s?

Come visit! Especially more than once, and especially if you’re nervous about going away. I came two or three times and talked to different staff members and faculty about things that I could get involved with, and that really sparked ideas for me about what I could do here. I think it’s really important to imagine yourself on campus, and visiting makes it easy to do that.


What do you want to say about the community here, or to your fellow St. Mike’s students?

Thank you for making it such a homey, friendly place! Opening the door for someone here is such a norm, and the little things like that help create a polite environment, which I think is really important. I think St. Mike’s is creating good people.

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