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Moriah Keat '18

How did you hear about St. Mike’s?

My college counselor in high school had it on my list of recommended colleges, that’s how I heard about it. Also, I got a lot of letters in the mail about St. Mike’s and when it came time to go to the college fair that was probably one of my favorite booths. That’s where I got most of my information about St. Mike’s from.

Why was it your favorite booth?

I had a really good conversation with the person there. She did a really good job of representing what I now know as the St. Mike’s community outside of it. She seemed really friendly and really passionate about her community and I just thought that was really cool. Having Fire and Rescue and the Wilderness Program, the way she talked about that, it wasn’t a sidebar; it was kind of like ‘we have all these sports teams, we’ve got this Fire and Rescue program, and we’ve got this Wilderness Program’. She was passionate about the whole school, not just a couple programs. I thought that was really cool.

Why did you choose Saint Michael’s College?

I only applied to three schools. It was the one that I got into, but I only applied to the schools that I really wanted to go to. I loved that St. Mike’s had a rescue program, I loved that they had a wilderness program; I really chose it because St.  Mike’s just seemed to want to educate their students to become members of the community and to want to serve the community. I think the percentage is 50% of students are involved with MOVE or some sort of community service in their time here. Even the students that aren’t directly involved in community service, they still hold the door even when the person is 20 feet away; that’s pretty much a community standard. When I came on campus I felt like people really cared about each other, they cared about their school community, they cared about the greater community, they cared about the global community; I really liked that.

How have you made it your ‘Home Away From Home’?

I’ve been pretty good at making everywhere I go a home away from home and St. Mike’s has made that really easy. The first semester and a half, the girls on my floor, we were really close and from that close bunch I was able to branch out. Now I have a group of friends at rescue, I have a group of friends in my biology classes; everywhere I go I seem to know someone and even when I don’t the person next to me is willing to say ‘hey!’ It’s a small campus, but there’s always room to make friends. By going out and trying things, going out for rescue, really helped that. I’ve met a lot of people that I like and we check in on each other and that’s just made it feel at home. People care about each other here.

What kind of contact do you have with Alumni?

A lot of alumni are still involved in rescue, so every now and then I’ll end up running with alumni. Our Assistant Chief on the rescue side is an alumni, I think the Assistant Chief on the fire side is alumni, Chief Peter Soons is an alumni, so they’re all still out serving the community like St. Mike’s has nudged everyone to do. They’re still around and willing to help the current students when we’re working on something or trying to learn a new skill; they’re still around and they’re still making a difference. Even when they’re far away, when the seniors here about them they’re like ‘oh, so and so just did this awesome thing!’ Even once people graduated, you still here about them.

Do you have plans to give back to St. Mike’s?

I’m not really sure yet. I would really like to give back to St. Mike’s in some way; I’m not sure how that will end up being. So far this year has done really wonderful things for me, and I would really love to give back and do wonderful things for St. Mike’s.

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