Student Profile

Michael DeAngelo

What brought you to St. Mike’s and how did you make your decision?

It was based off a combination of factors – academics, financial aid, and just the overall feel of the campus. St. Mike’s was on my short list already, because I had done some research and really liked the history program. Then they actually gave me the most money of all the schools I applied to. It was the best deal for me, especially since I didn’t want to take out any loans. Everyone was so nice when I visited as well, so I just really saw myself fitting in.

What’s one incredible memory or experience that you’ve had here so far?

Probably when I met my honors mentor. There was a group of like five of us and our mentors, and they just gave us their phone numbers and told us to text them if we needed anything, not just for academic things like picking classes, but also if we had questions about stupid things like laundry. I thought that was really cool.

Have you had a favorite class so far?

Probably my First Year Seminar. I’m in the Examined Life, and it’s really interesting. You get to read a bunch of memoirs, and then at the end of the class you also get to write your own. It’s cool to be able to reflect on your own life. Professor Vantine, who teaches that class, is probably my favorite professor. He’s really nice, but he’s also really focused in class. The discussions are very oriented to the point he’s trying to make, and we end up learning a lot.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I really like to run. I’m looking to get into triathlons. I really like hiking and rock climbing as well, and I’m definitely going to get into skiing being up here. I really also like reading, especially about history. I love the classics in literature.

What’s it like being on the cross country team here? How do you balance athletics and academics?

You really just need to look at your schedule and plan when you’re going to do your homework for each class. I think that being part of a team here is great. It’s an automatic group of friends that you get really closely connected to, and it’s just a lot of fun.

Why did you choose to major in History and Political Science?

Honestly, I don’t really know what I want to do after college yet. So I figured I’d take what I’m interested in, study that, and see what happens afterwards. I really like looking at the past and seeing how it can influence the future – like the chains of events that lead to certain things happening, like World War II, for example. Political Science I think is really interesting because you get to learn how people lives are affected by the government.

Do you feel like St. Mike’s is your home away from home? How did it become that for you?

Yeah, I would say it is. When I visited home a little over a week ago, it actually felt kind of weird not being here. I think it became a home just because I adjusted so well. I love my schedule and everything, so I go through my day and I love everything that I’m doing and I like the people here, so it just kind of feels like a home. I feel comfortable in the environment here.

What would you say to prospective students about how to get through the college process?

I’d say just follow your gut. If you want to visit a place or study something, even if it may not lead to direct career opportunities afterwards, study what you’re interested in and go where you want to go. That’s important so that you can enjoy you passions and enjoy your life, and you’ll have a better college experience.

What do you want to say about the community here at St. Mike’s?

Oh, it’s second to none. I feel like I already know everyone’s face on campus. Even when you’re walking around you can say hi to people that you don’t really know that well, and they’ll say hi back. If you need any help with anything, everyone is willing to help you out. Everyone’s there for each other, and everyone wants to see each other succeed.

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