Dagan Loisel Associate Professor of Biology



Postdoctoral degree, The University of Chicago, Department of Human Genetics
Ph.D., Duke University, Department of Biology & University Program in Genetics
B.A., Colby College, magna cum laude

Areas of Expertise:

Evolutionary Biology
General Biology

Courses I Teach:

Introduction to Health Science
Fundamentals of Genetics
Immunology and Parasitology in Genetics

Recent News

Dagan Loisel of biology and Melissa VanderKaay Tomasulo of neuroscience/ psychology learned this semester that a “small-scale research grant” of $25,000 through Vermont Space Grant Consortium for which they applied earlier this year has been funded in full. The goal of the study funded by this grant is to identify stress-relieving countermeasures that astronauts could use during long-duration space missions to reduce stress and the resultant immune dysregulation (the term refers to negative changes in the body’s normal ability to fight off infections and disease). They will be collaborating with Dr. Brian Crucian, lead scientist for NASA’s Immunology/Virology Laboratory, and Dr. Satish Mehta, Virologist, who are scientists from NASA’s Human Research Program (HRP) at Johnson Space Center. NASA’s HRP offered to match their grant funding if they were successful with our application, so the total award is for $50,000. Dagan said the project also will provide opportunities for Saint Michael’s students to get hands-on research experience studying human health. The project came about because of collaborative work that Melissa and Dagan did on the new Saint Michael’s Introduction to Health Sciences course this past fall. Basically, the activation of latent herpes viruses in humans is one consequence of stress in humans, and Dagan has expertise studying these viruses in other species, while Melissa’s research investigates stress using virtual navigation tools, so their collaboration fits neatly for this particular project.
(posted June 2020)