Danielle Schiestle Admission Counselor


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States Represented:
Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New York, North Dakota, South Dakota, Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, Wisconsin

Marquette University, Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences, 2016

Favorite Restaurant Recommendation for Your Campus Visit
Dale Boca (close to campus and delicious empanadas!)

Favorite Campus Tradition
Move-In Day! It’s so fun to see our new students in their new Vermont home. The Orientation Leaders have some pretty fun traditions (plus you won’t have to carry any of your stuff into your residence hall – they’ll do it all!)

Favorite Way to Get Involved
MOVE service trips – I was a staff leader for the Buffalo, NY winter break 2019 trip. We worked with the two NativityMiguel middle schools in the city. Building a community for the week with St. Mike’s students, NativityMiguel students, and the city of Buffalo was a beautiful experience.

What I love Most About Vermont
The mountains. Every time I drive from my home to campus I squeal a little when I see them! Definitely check out “The View” when you visit St. Mike’s. it’s the area across the street from the Hoehl Welcome Center and has a gorgeous view (thus the name!)

Discuss the concept of doing well and doing good at St. Mike’s
To me, doing well and doing good encompasses the very essence of the Saint Michael’s community. Our students, staff, and faculty all bring unique gifts and life experiences to the table. We’re a place where you can grow, and we all recognize that in order to truly do well and do good in the world that growth may have to come with a few hurtles along the way. We prepare students to be able to take those hurtles in stride and become leaders in their communities. A St. Mike’s education allows students to be catalysts for change and empowers them to be well-rounded, global-minded citizens.