Kristin Juel Emeritus Associate Professor of Classical and Modern Languages and Literature: French

Kristin Juel


M.A., Ph.D. Indiana University
B.A. St. Olaf College

Area of Expertise:

Medieval French literature

Courses I Teach:

Grammar and Composition (FR308)
First, Second, and Third Semester French (FR101, FR102, FR203)
French Film (FR430)
French Poetry (FR445)
French Theater (FR425)
Medieval French Culture (FR 315)
Senior Seminar (FR460)

My Saint Michael’s:

I chose to teach at a small private college because I enjoy teaching a little of everything. I love to see the progress of language students as much as I love watching students come to appreciate the literature.

The Saint Michael’s environment is a very caring one, one that will facilitate your intellectual, spiritual and personal growth. I appreciate the diversity of the student body and the faculty and the energy that they bring to the institution.

Saint Michael’s students seem to have a real curiosity about, and respect for, other people and their cultures. I love giving oral exams at the end of FR101 and FR102. While it’s probably the aspect of the course that students fear the most, it’s incredibly satisfying to see how much they can actually communicate after just one or two semesters.


Research Interests:

I focus on medieval literature, particularly the allegorical. I have published articles on the epic Floovant as well as a number of articles on the role of chess in medieval French chess moralities and romance.

Awards & Recognition

My recent publications include the article “Chess, Love, and the Rhetoric of Distraction in Medieval French Narrative” in Romance Philology (2010) and “Chess and Sin in a Mid-Thirteenth Century Anglo-French Poem,” forthcoming in Neuphilologische Mitteilungen.

Recent News

Karen Popovich of the Saint Michael’s business faculty recently had two case studies published in professional journals that collect and highlight such business cases. Says Karen, “I’m especially excited about our Maple Syrup case which was a collaboration with Kristin Juel of the St. Mike’s French faculty, who owns and operates a sugar farm in Underhill, VT.”  Here are the citations for those cases: “Popovich, K., Pioche Khare, V., and Juel, K. (2020).  Sweet Dreams: Creekside Maple Syrup. Journal of Critical Incidents, Winter 2020, Volume 13 Issue 1, 77-79. Includes published comprehensive teaching note available on Ignited Global. Submission was also presented at 2020 MBAA International Conference, Chicago”; and: “Khare, V. and Popovich, K. (2020). ‘Riding into social media: Earl’s Cyclery and Fitness.’ Journal of Case Studies, Fall 2020. Volume 38, Issue 1, 57- 64. Includes published comprehensive teaching note available on Ignited Global. Submission was also presented at 2019 MBAA International Conference, Chicago.”
(posted February 2021)

Kristin Juel, associate professor of modern languages/French, helped lead a group of 8 students spending 3 weeks in Quebec City with a Saint Michael’s College Academic Study Trip (May 13-June 2) to study French language and Quebecois culture.
(posted June 2018)