Lloyd Simons Engineering Co-Director, Chair of Mathematics and Statistics, Professor of Mathematics and Statistics

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M.Sc., Ph.D. McGill University
B.Sc. University of British Columbia


Areas of Expertise:

Algebraic Number Theory; Algebraic K Theory


Courses I Teach:

  • Abstract Algebra
  • Calculus I,II,III
  • Linear Algebra
  • Probability and Statistics

My favorite class to teach is Calculus III. I very much like the material, which is the interplay of geometry and calculus. The power of mathematics to solve hard problems really begins to be evident in this class. And at this point, the students are for the most part very mathematically smart, motivated, and interested in the material.

My Saint Michael’s:

Saint Michael’s students are bright, polite, outgoing, and usually willing to learn. What more could a professor ask for?  The smaller class sizes and the relatively relaxed relationship one can have with one’s students are also things I appreciate along with the overall friendly atmosphere of the students and the faculty.


Research Interests:

Algebraic Number Theory; Algebraic K Theory

My mathematical work revolves around number theory. After discovering as a physics major that I didn’t like doing error analysis of my labs, I switched to mathematics (where the concept of “acceptable error” is unknown).

Awards & Recognition

I helped to host the Spring Northeast Section Mathematical Association of America meeting at Saint Michael’s in May 2008. The meeting focused on “Mathematical Modeling in Biology and the Environment.”


Life Off Campus:

I enjoy backcountry skiing, softball, running, tennis, chess and playing the guitar.

Favorite Quote:

“It’s the going, not the getting there, that matters.”