Faculty and Staff Highlights

Who doesn’t like a good “shout-out” from a student?

St. Mike’s faculty, staff, coaches, etc. often go above and beyond for their students and make impacts on student’s lives that, perhaps, they don’t even realize.

See below for shoutouts from our students to their faculty and staff mentors or check the College’s Instagram account.

Do you have a faculty or staff member that has meant a lot to you? Go ahead and nominate by clicking the link below.


“Professor Loisel is one of those professors who you just have to love. A simple smile in the hallway with him often turns into a 1/2 hour conversation which usually ends in you running to your next class. He’s dedicated to his work and students, and pushes us to become better in and out of the classroom. On top of his teaching, research, and personal life, he takes the time to be the faculty affiliate for the volleyball team. He encourages others to participate in athletics and clubs and makes time for everyone. “

 – Maddie Van Winkle ‘23


“Sherry is the definition of what a professor should be. She is very willing to help students in any way possible. She brings culture alive in the classroom, whether that be with music, food, or her creative acting. She is determined to make sure that every one of her students is heard, understood, valued, and respected. She has shown her students how to appreciate different cultures through bonding experiences by having us cook, do yoga, smell some fresh air, eat, and celebrate events together. Sherry is a one of a kind and very unique. Students should take a class with her to truly understand how kind, loving, and generous she is! And if they can’t, then they should just get to know this wonderful human being.”

-Felicity Rodriguez ‘22 


“Professor Jennings goes out of her way to show her students how much she cares about them. I was having a tough day in class one day and she wrote me a very kind email checking in and offering to meet for coffee to talk. She has helped me with school related issues outside of her class, and always went above and beyond to make sure everyone succeeded in her class. She’s one of the most supportive and caring professors/teachers I have ever had.”

– Bree Cotroneo ‘23 


“I want to nominate Katherine Kirby. She is a kind, knowledgeable teacher that helped and advised my schedules to get the best out of my senior year. Apart from being a teacher, she helps students with events that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion planning throughout the semester to ensure a safe campus to all students. Outside of class, you can get lost in a philosophical conversation about events that happened recently in the media. I would be friends with her after graduation because she is a very sociable/available person to connect with.”

-Jaron Bernire ‘21