Edmundite Center for Peace and Justice

True to the heritage and charism of the Edmundites, Saint Michael's founding order, the Edmundite Center for Peace and Justice integrates peace and justice concerns into the everyday life of our college community.

The Center facilitates the exploration of peace and justice issues on campus through:

For more information, please contact the center director.

Fr. David J. Théroux, Society of Saint Edmund
Saint Edmund's Hall 244
Box 183

Peace and Justice Minor Requirements

The Peace and Justice Minor is an interdisciplinary program that prepares students with the theoretical and practical knowledge and critical thinking skills needed to help shape a more just and peaceful world. Courses familiarize students with the major ideas, concepts, and theories of peace and justice; detailed knowledge of problems, issues, and challenges such as poverty, racism, and war; and various approaches to solutions. Community engaged learning is an integral part of the Minor. Many of the courses require students to engage in community service, community education, or political advocacy either as individuals or in a group.

Peace and Justice Club

Proclaim and promote the recognition of the dignity of every human person.

The Peace and Justice Club operates under the auspices of the Student Association Secretary of Programming and is charged with: facilitating the establishment of activities designed to enhance the student body’s awareness pertaining to matters of social-political importance; and facilitating and preserving communications and "free speech" on campus.

Pope Paul VI

Start working for justice today by getting involved with Saint Michael's Peace and Justice. To get involved drop by Prof. Laurie Gagne’s office in Klein 112.

Club Constitution

Name: The name of the organization shall be the Saint Michael’s College Peace and Justice Club.

Purpose: The Saint Michael’s College Peace and Justice Club seeks to:

  • Proclaim and promote the recognition of the dignity of every human person;
  • Work with the other justice groups on campus, including Amnesty International, Alianza, Ally, Diversity Coalition, and Martin Luther King Society to coordinate activities and develop a justice network on our campus;
  • Provide our community with educational opportunities to better the understanding of our local, national, and global community;
  • Work to make the campus a safe environment for all of our community;
  • Work cooperatively with the college community to replace competition and hostility between people with understanding and the tolerance of others
  • Challenge the Student Association to use its time and resources to promote justice on our campus and in our community

Membership: All members of the Saint Michael's College community including students, faculty and staff are welcome as members.

Administrative Responsibilities: Since the Peace and Justice Club is funded by the Student Association, the Peace and Justice Club functions primarily as a "student" organization. This means that the administration of the Committee is the responsibility of the student members.

Chair: The Chair of the Peace and Justice Club must be an undergraduate student who will be appointed each Spring by the Secretary of Programming of the Student Association. The Chair of the Peace and Justice Club will be selected after submitting a letter of intent to the Secretary of Programming. The responsibilities of the Chair include: Being the primary contact with the Student Association and the administration of Saint Michael’s College. Actively participate on the Programming Committee; maintain contact with the campus, local, national and global peace and justice organizations; planning and coordination of special events with the help of the committee members; meet on a regular basis with the advisor; and any other duties necessary for the survival and growth of the chapter.

Advisor: The faculty/staff Advisor must be a current member of the faculty/staff of Saint Michael’s College. The responsibilities of the Advisor include: working with the Chair and the committee members; working with the administration of Saint Michael’s College; promoting the stability and the long term growth of the committee; and offering counsel and support to the student leaders.

Amending this Constitution: This Constitution may be amended only through a two-thirds vote of the Saint Michael’s College Peace and Justice Club.

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