Math Center

The Math Center, located in Durick 111, provides a variety of support options that supplement the assistance provided by faculty.  Forms of mathematical supports available at the Math Center include weekly small group tutoring sessions, course-specific drop-in sessions, and some one-to-one options.  In addition, the Math Center houses several self-help resources such as student solutions manuals, resource books, test-preparation books, and online tutorials.  The Math Center is staffed six days a week by faculty-recommended tutors.  The tutors work very closely with faculty members to provide support that is mathematically sound, consistent with and complementary to the work done in class.


How do I get a Math tutor?

Simply print out and complete the Tutor Request Form and drop it off in Durick Library 323, or stop by to fill out a form. You will need your professor’s signature before you can be matched with a tutor.

How long will it take until I start work with the tutor?

You will usually be matched within a day or two, and can then begin working together right away. You and your tutor will agree upon a schedule for meetings.

What do I need to know about my tutor and our tutoring sessions?

You will meet your tutor in the library for about an hour, once, twice, or even three times a week if necessary. Please bring specific questions/problems and your course materials, including your assignments and textbooks. Your tutor is trained, paid, and highly qualified in the subject area you need.

How do I access other math supports besides tutoring?

Please contact Krisan Geary, coordinator of quantitative support, campus office is Durick Library 320, 802.654.2773, to discuss other types of quantitative supports that may be beneficial to you.

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