Graduate Education Courses

Students who are rising juniors or seniors with a 3.0 GPA or higher are eligible to take the following graduate education courses this summer for BOTH undergraduate and graduate credit:

GED 516 Educational Foundations: Understanding the Past and Creating the Future

This course is designed as an introductory course for people considering careers as teachers. The course begins by exploring schools and schooling in the United States, including an examination of motives for teaching, the functions and purposes of schools, and what life is like in schools today. We will then look at the diversity of students who populate our schools, and how various societal factors affect schools. Next, the course focuses on teachers, including what constitutes effective teaching, what teachers should know about teaching with technology, and what subjects are taught as part of a school's curriculum. We will then examine the foundations of education (philosophy, history, legal and ethical considerations, and governance and finance issues) that provide the intellectual underpinnings of educational practice. We will also examine current reform efforts in education. We will finish the course by looking at career issues, including the job options in education, salary expectations, and what it means to be a professional teacher.

GED 596 Digital Media: A Place-Based Approach

This course offers an innovative, place-based, hands-on experience with digital photography and offers pragmatic ways to integrate digital media into 21st century classrooms. Students will learn how to use Photoshop and photography to explore a community of their choice and create a visual narrative from their own perspective. A majority of daily personal interaction with others has become mediated through electronic devices such as cell phone, social media and email. This trend in communication distances us from our neighbors and precludes casual interactions that stem from being present and open to chance one to one encounters with people who are not “friends” or part of our address book. What we learn about others is often not from authentic experience. The aim of this class is to explore a community that the student is either already part of, such as workplace or civic group, or a community that they are interested in learning about. For purposes of this class, community is defined as most any group, it may be religious, cultural, ethnic, educational, family, geographic. The culmination of this course will be an exhibition of the project in a forum appropriate to the student's chosen community. Individual and community support and reflection will be embedded into the course. No prior experience with digital photography or Photoshop is required. Any type of cameras may be used.

GED 624 The Art of the Book

Educators and students are invited to explore and create in this studio course addressing the art of the book. Participants will experiment with forms, structures, materials, and concepts as we investigate the limitless possibilities of the Book. By surveying the historical need to record and contain knowledge and by examining the work of contemporary book artist students will gain a foundation for their own creative expression of ideas and meaning. Students will make a working portfolio of paper treatments, book models and altered structures then create their own individual art books. The class will be a working model of a 21st century collaborative community supporting the creative process through practice, constructive criticism, reflecting, and refining technique. The Common Core anchor standards of Craft and Structure and Integration of Knowledge and Ideas will be addressed.

For registration information on the courses above and to see a complete listing of all summer graduate education courses, please visit our Graduate Education website.

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