Pre-Health Catalog

Offered in our first, blended/residential session, May 21 - June 29, 2018

BI 108 Topics: Human Nutrition - Professor Jim Willard
An intensive lab science course for non-science majors that will consider the components of human diets, how such components are processed by the human body, and how nutrition affects human health throughout the life cycle. Topics include the physiological requirements for and chemistry of the main nutrients: carbohydrates, proteins, lipid, minerals and vitamins.

For Saint Michael's College students, this course satisfies the Scientific Reasoning requirement.

BI 207 Human Anatomy and Physiology 1 Professor Paul Constantino
An "organs systems" approach will be used to study the structures of the human body and learn the basic functions of those structures. Students will also learn how human anatomy has been modified over evolutionary time.

For Saint Michael's College students, this course will require a pre-requisite of BI 151 and BI 153.

MA 130 Elements of Calculus - Professor Krisan Geary
A one-semester survey of calculus. Topics include limits, derivatives and the integral, with emphasis on applications in the life sciences and finance. Note that the prerequisite for MA160 is MA150, so additional preparation (e.g. formal limits and more in-depth trigonometry) is strongly recommended for MA130 students who subsequently decide to petition into MA160..

For Saint Michael's College students, this course satisfies the Quantitative Reasoning requirement.

Offered in our second, fully online session, July 9 - August 10, 2018

PS 110 Lifespan Development Professor Melissa Vanderkaay Tomasulo
Students will gain understanding of the development of human individuals through physical, cognitive, and socioemotional components from conception to death.  Theoretical and experimental approaches will be examined, and emphasis will be placed on applying these principles to relationships and situations across one’s lifespan.  The nature-nature debate will also be addressed.

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