Course Catalog: Summer Session 2

Accelerated Summer College students can take up to two of the courses below, each course is worth four credits. Students should be advised that credits earned at Saint Michael's College are transferable at the discretion of the receiving institution.

Accelerated Summer College Catalog - Summer Session 2: July 1 - August 9, 2019


AC 143 Managerial Accounting (online) Tom VanDzura 
Covers the preparation and use of accounting information to support managerial planning, control and decision making. Introduces cost classification and behavior concepts, cost-volume-profit analysis, the use of budgets, cost-control systems, standard costs, variance analysis, cost-based decision making, and cash flows.


AR 214 Digital Animation and Motion Graphics (online) - Professor Gordon Glover
This course moves students with little or no knowledge of digital image creation and manipulation through the steps necessary to create animation, motion graphics, and video composites useful in web, television, gallery, mobile, and cinematic applications.

Students of this course  will need to purchase an Adobe subscription from our campus bookstore at for an additional fee.

For Saint Michael's College students:

LSC: Artistic Experience

CORE: Literature and the Arts

Business Administration

BU 110 Personal Financial Planning (online) ­- Professor Tom VanDzura

This course covers key principles, processes, and techniques related to managing one's own personal finances. The goal is for students to make more informed personal finance decisions and be wiser money managers and consumers of financial services and products

For Saint Michael's College students:

LSC or CORE: Quantitative Reasoning

BU 111 Excel and Business Metrics (online) -Professor Karen Popovich

The first part of this course introduces students to the role of information technology and information systems in formal organizations. Includes the study of the use of information technology to build efficient and effective information systems. Focuses on development of information systems that provide meaningful information for management decision making. This course will have a project, focused on Excel, to analyze and organize data that in turn is used to inform decision-making for a real organization.

Interested in getting certified in Microsoft Excel 2016? Click here to learn more.

The second part of our course will be exploring mobile apps.  The average person uses their smartphone or tablet 5 hours per day and some sources report that adults spend 12 hours a day consuming electronic media via multiple devices and computers.  We will research and explore mobile apps relevant for management and leadership in today’s data and thought-driven economy.  Students will learn to evaluate apps through use, analysis, discussion, and presentation.

US Adults Now Spend 12 Hours 7 Minutes a Day Consuming Media by eMarketer, May 2017

BU 214 Management (online) -Professor Karen Popovich
This survey course covers the basic principles and management fundamentals of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. Topics covered include leadership, group dynamics, team management, motivation, and communication skills.


CH 101 Concepts in Chemistry (online)Professor Christina Chant

The classical principles of chemistry, applied to modern-day science and technology. Possible topics include nutrition, food additives, drugs, nuclear power, plastics, and environmental problems. The laboratories provide students with the fundamentals of chemical experimentation, observations, and instrumentation, with an emphasis on everyday materials and experiences.

For Saint Michael's College students:

LSC: Scientific Reasoning

CORE: Scientific Inquiry


HI 107 Modern Europe (online) - Professor Jennifer Purcell
This course is a survey of political, economic, social and cultural forces that have changed the course of European and western civilization since the French Revolution. This course will investigate the people and events that shaped European landscapes, boundaries, and economics, as well as the European mindset over the period.

For Saint Michael's College students:

LSC: Historical Studies

CORE: History and Society


ID 498 Internship Practicum (online) - Professor Ingrid Peterson
The online Internship is designed to support the internship site experience and assist with the integration of learning from the theoretical to the practical by providing a means of reflection and learning. This course offers students the opportunity to share their internship experiences and concerns in a team setting and includes opportunities to develop personal and professional skills. Assignments and online discussions will be related to the internship experience. This course is open to students of all majors.

Tuition for this course is $212.50 per credit: $850 for the 4 credit course


MU 247 History of Rock (online) Professor William Ellis
This course examines the historical, social, cultural, and musical forces that contributed to the emergence and subsequent development and impact of rock and roll as an enduring form of popular music. Performers, genres, song and style analysis, regional distinctions, and more are addressed with contextual depth and nuance.

For Saint Michael's College students:

LSC: Historical Studies

CORE: Literature and the Arts

Political Science

PO 245 International Relations (online) - Professor Jeffrey Ayres
This course introduces students to the study of international relations, focusing especially on the interactions between states and non-state actors in the international environment. Emphasis is placed on understanding the major theoretical approaches to international relations, and applying them to consider enduring and contemporary issues and problems in international affairs.

For Saint Michael's College students:

LSC: Global Issues

CORE: History and Society


PS 101 General Psychology (online) - Professor Melissa McDuffie
An introduction to the field of psychology, its methods, major perspectives, theories, and area specialties, with emphasis on the normal adult human being. The course explores basic psychological areas such as biopsychology, perception, learning, motivation, developmental, personality, social, abnormal, and therapies.

For Saint Michael's College students:

LSC: Social and Institutional

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