Frequently Asked Questions

What majors are eligible for SMC Degree in Three?
Biology, Business, English, History, International Relations, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology/Anthropology are all available to complete in three years.

Why is my major not eligible?
Some majors have course sequences that make it difficult to complete a degree in just three years. If you are interested in accelerating your studies, talk to your academic advisor about how you can go about it.

What does the program cost?
There is no additional cost to participate in the program. In fact, you are likely to save considerably in tuition and housing expenses.

What will my schedule be like?
You can find sample schedules on the web pages of each of the eligible majors. Typically, it will require participating in summer coursework through our Accelerated Summer College.

Why do I have to let you know I’m interested in the program?
Not everyone is able to accelerate their studies and be successful. We will evaluate your high school transcript, any college credits you may be arriving with, and work with you to make the decision that is best for you.

Can my AP, IB or joint enrollment credits count?
AP, IB and joint enrollment credit can count towards fulfilling course requirements and can give you more flexibility in completing your degree.

What can I save by completing my degree in three years?
SMC Degree in Three students can save tens of thousands of dollars in tuition, fees, room and board costs by receiving credit for AP and pre-college coursework and by completing courses during our low-cost Accelerated Summer College program (ASC). With ASC, students can earn 16 credits in a summer for less than $8,000 (based on 2017 summer tuition and fees). Full-time tuition, fees, room and board for a full semester on campus is currently $27,695 (2017-18 based on standard dorm room). Your individual savings will depend on your specific financial aid situation. Saint Michael’s grants and scholarships may not be applied toward our Accelerated Summer Program courses.

Are the requirements different for a three year degree?
Course requirements are exactly the same whether you graduate in three years or four. The Degree in Three program lets you complete them at a faster pace.

Can I drop out of the program without any penalty?
Of course! If you decide to stop pursuing your degree on a three-year or accelerated track, just let your advisor know and you can alter your academic schedule accordingly.