After you have taken classes and assumed life as a graduate student in the Clinical Psychology program, you must apply for Candidacy. Your application for Candidacy is an evaluation of both your academic and personal characteristics, to ensure that they are indeed consistent with the requirements of a professional psychologist.

Your path toward Candidacy

You must submit your application for Candidacy after completing a minimum of 12 credit hours and a maximum of 30 credit hours. Students should have completed at least one year-long clinical course sequence (such as GPS 507-508, or GPS 515-516, or GPS 525-526) as well as six credits of general core courses (such as GPS 505, GPS 510-511, GPS 513 or GPS 520).

In order to apply for Candidacy, you need to complete a Candidacy Form which will plan and schedule your course of study.

For more information on program requirements, Candidacy, Major Paper, Case Study, or Thesis, contact your advisor.