Final Papers

Final Papers

Select final papers from Clinical Psychology Graduate Students:

Deborah Janelle Green
Parenting Through a Trauma Lens: The Adverse Effects of Trauma on the Mother-Child Attachment Relationship

Titapa Chinkajkarn
Psychoanalytic Treatment of Bipolar Disorders

Frank Huseman
A Healthy Young Adult in College: A Psychodynamic Perspective for College Therapists in Training

Kristin Mount
The Intricate Connections between Autism and Trauma: A Case Study

Kaitlin Zura
Becoming a Trauma-Informed School: What Does it Mean and How Do We Get There?

Rachel Kling
An Argument for a Humanistic Conceptualization for the Mechanisms of Change at the START Program: Borderline Personality Disorder and the Nature of Peer Support

Emily Stetz
Encouraging Resilience: Building Trauma Informed Services Within School Systems

Ryan Marshall
A Case Study of Hope

Nicole Adach
Who am I? The Subjective Experience of an Athlete’s Identity Construction & Reconstruction When Transitioning Out of Sport

Venessa Luck
The Brilliance of Human Freedom and Creativity: How Art Therapy within a Humanistic Therapeutic Relationship Unlocks Existential Conflicts Through the Creation of Art

Griffin Thayer
Coming to Life: Experiencing the Process of Tapering Off Antipsychotics

Eric Astleford
Hazing and Warrior Ethos

Alicia Hanifin
The Influence of Attachment in Childhood Chronic Illness

Leonard Vecchione
Movement toward Recovery: Exercise Theories of Motivation, Practical Applications for People with Developmental Disabilities

Samantha Agricola
Text Obsessed: The Relationship between Text Messaging Dependency and Attachment Style