Receive your MATESOL in ONE year after completing your undergraduate studies at SMC.

Earn your Master’s Degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) just one year after graduating with your Bachelor’s degree from Saint Michael’s College.

With your Master’s, you can travel and engage with diverse cultures nationally or overseas. You will teach international students and new Americans, and join a worldwide professional network.


Saint Michael’s new accelerated Master’s Degree program responds to the high worldwide demand for qualified teachers of TESOL. The degree qualifies you to teach in colleges, universities, language centers, and community-based programs for adults and children.

With almost 60 years of experience, Saint Michael’s MATESOL program is respected nationally and internationally. With the MATESOL degree from St. Mike’s, you will be joining a family of hundreds of alumni who teach or hold educational leadership positions around the world.


The 4 + 1 MATESOL Program allows you to earn two degrees within five years. First, you earn your Bachelor’s degree here at St. Mike’s. Then you spend one more year on campus to complete your Master’s degree.


Here’s the plan:

Junior Summer

AL 410 + Capstone for 6 credits of advanced standing

Senior Fall

GSL 500 for 3 transfer credits

Senior Spring

GSL 502 for 3 transfer credits

Summer Term 1

GSL 620 for 3 credits

Special Topics for 3 credits


GSL 506 for 3 credits

GSL 544 for 3 credits

Special Topics for 3 credits


GSL 543 for 3 credits

GSL 604 for 3 credits

GSL 688 for 3 credits

TOTAL CREDITS: 30 + 6 for advanced standing

PLUS, if you take two graduate courses in the summer after completing your Bachelor’s degree, you may be able to spend the final graduate semester as an intern in one of Saint Michael’s practicum sites abroad.