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The Archives Department includes the Saint Michael's College Archives, the Society of Saint Edmund Archives and the Fanny Allen Hospital Archives as well as a small manuscript collection. The Saint Michael's College Archives makes up the bulk of the material and includes official records, faculty papers, student records, college publications, video and audio recordings, microfilm, and photographs relating to the history of the College. The Society of Saint Edmund Archives includes official records of the Society and their apostolates both historic and current. The Fanny Allen Hospital Archives includes records of the hospital and school of nursing. Unless otherwise noted, material in the collection is available to the public. Make an appointment here. See About the Archives for more information.

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Saint Michael's College Archives
Saint Michael's College Archives is the designated repository of official college records, including official records, College publications, AV recordings, microfilm, and photographs. 

Society of Saint Edmund Archives
The Society of Saint Edmund Archives includes materials from the Society's Generalate and Apostolates, including records from France, England and Venezuela, as well as Montana and Selma, Al. 

Manuscript Collections
The Archives Department has a small collection of manuscripts.  Most of these collections are alumni or faculty papers.  The Archives Department accepts donations of relevant collections.

Fanny Allen Hospital Archives
The FAH collection consists of the records of the Fanny Allen Hospital, including records of the Bishop DeGoesbriand Memorial Hospital, the FAH School of Nursing, the BDGH School of Nursing, and the Jeanne Mance School of Nursing.

Saint Michael's College Digital Archival Collections

The Archives has an extensive photograph collection, much of which is not yet available digitally.  The largest collection is the Society of Saint Edmund (SSEA) Southern Mission Photograph Collection, which documents the work of the Society in the Southern US between 1937 and today.  The SSEA also includes 10 linear feet of photos from France, England, and the other US works of the Society.  The Saint Michael’s College photographs document the history of the college and include both formal photos and snapshots from all eras of the college’s history.  Other photo collections include the Fanny Allen Hospital collection and 12 linear feet of photos from photographer Alan Jakubek, a local professional photographer who worked in the Burlington area until his death in 2002.

The library's Special Collections is the college’s collection of rare and unique titles.  The book collection is in both the Special Collections Room on the main level of the library, and within the archives as the Rare book Collection.  All titles contained in these collections are in the library catalog.  Special Collections and rare books do not circulate, but patrons may examine the books within the library.

The Archives routinely creates exhibits highlighting our collections.  These exhibits found both in the Durick Library and online. 

Exhibits:  Saint Edmund 

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