Food and Drink

The library strives to maintain a pleasant and welcoming environment for students and faculty.  While it is sometimes convenient for patrons to eat or drink in the building, food debris and waste can create an unpleasant environment for patrons and can cause damage to library materials and furnishings.  Computers are particularly susceptible to damage by liquids.  The following policy is intended to allow patrons to eat and drink in the library in ways that do not disturb others and that cause minimal damage to materials, furnishing, and equipment. 

Snacks such as chips, candy, or fruit are allowed in open study areas.  Meals, fast food, salads, sandwiches, and other wet, greasy, or odorous foods are not allowed. 

Drinks in covered cups, bottles, or cans are allowed in open study areas.  Open cups are not permitted.

Snack Room
The library provides a room (113 or "Durick’s Den") for the consumption of food and beverages.  Food and drink vending machines are available.  Patrons who wish to eat foods not allowed in study areas may do so in the snack room.

Archives and Special Collections
No food or drink of any type is ever permitted in the Archives or Special Collections areas.

Computer Labs
Information Technology maintains all of the computer labs on campus.  No food or drink should be brought into any of these labs, including the library labs and electronic classroom.

Special Events
From time to time the library is the site of official receptions for the College. At these times food and drink not normally allowed in study areas may be permitted in a designated area within the building on a limited basis and only for the duration of the special event.

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