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Top Ten Things to Know About the Library

  1. The virtual part of the library is now 10 times bigger than the physical part of the library. Put another way, 10% of the library collection is in the library building, and 90% of the library collection is on the library website.

  2. You can search pretty much the whole library—physical and virtual—using Discovery. If you want to search a narrow topic in more depth, or search for articles or books beyond the library collection, go to Research by Subject to find specialized research databases on your topic.

  3. If you need research help, the reference librarians are here for you. You can schedule an appointment with a subject specialist for advanced research, or just drop by the library during the day Monday-Friday and ask for help.

  4. Library hours are 8:00 am until midnight on weeknights, shorter on the weekend, longer during exams.

  5. There are both PCs and Macs available. You can print from any computer to any printer. Just swipe your Knightcard to retrieve your print jobs.

  6. The main floor is a group study area, the lower level is a quiet study area, and the top floor has a mix of both. Please talk in the talking areas and be quiet in the quiet areas.

  7. You can check out Kindles, digital cameras (still and video), and other equipment from the circulation desk.

  8. If you want to use the library from off campus, from home or study abroad, just click on the resource you want to use, enter your Mikenet username and password, and you’ll be logged into the library server.

  9. Need a study break? There’s a snack room on the lower level called Durick’s Den with vending machines and board games. Students tell us it’s “chill.”

  10. Done with your homework? The library has recent bestsellers on the main floor, hundreds of magazines, 5000 DVDs, and 10,000 children’s books. (The children’s books are for education classes, but we won’t ask any questions…)

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