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Encyclopedia of Food and Culture 

Encyclopedia of Native American Tribes 

Encyclopedia of Social and Cultural Anthropology 

Encyclopedia of the Peoples of Asia and Oceania  

Encyclopedia of Latin American History and Culture


Encyclopedia of Anthropology.  5 vols.
REF GN 11.E63 2006 

Encyclopedia of Cultural Anthropology. 4 vols.  
REF GN 307. E52 1996

Encyclopedia of Peoples of the World.  
REF GN 495.4 E53 1993

Encyclopedia of World Cultures.  8 vols.  
REF GN 307. E53 1995

Ethnic Groups Worldwide
REF GN 325.L46 1998 

Global Road Warrior

Peoples Nations and Cultures.  
REF GN 316.P384 2005

Background Notes
Country information prepared by the United States Department of State; especially useful for political information and international business.

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