2014-2015 Common Read - Home of the Brave

“If there’s one thing I want you to remember about my book, is that this is a story about a special kind of courage. Home of the Brave is about a boy named Kek, refugee from the brutal war in Darfur, who finds himself all alone, without mother or father, in the very strange land of Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.  It’s a world full of challenges, snow drifts, washing machines, skate boards, and of course, the relentless struggle to master a new language. But Kek finds friendship with a girl in foster care named Hannah, and he finds solace in the unlikely form of an aging cow named Gal. Kek comes from a tribe of nomadic herders in Sudan, and in his language, Gal means family.  To him a cow represents far more than a burger. She represents everything he’s lost and everything he longs for.  What Kek longs for most of all is the mother he’s lost in Sudan--the mother he hopes to reunite with. While he waits and hopes, Kek learns that there are many kinds of courage in the land people call ‘Home of the Brave.’”  

From a YouTube video summary presented by the author, Katherine Applegate.

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