ES 410 Senior Seminar

Professor Nathaniel Lewis

Reference/Instruction Librarian: Steven Burks

Office: Library 210
Phone: ext 2354 
Research Help/Appointments 


Biology/Zoology Databases (Animal Behavior/Biology/Natural History)
 - Scopus
 - Biology Discovery Search
 - Google Scholar

Reference / Species Identification
 - Grzimek's Animal Life Encyclopedia
 - AccessScience - Bioscience: Bioscience/Plant Science/Zoology

 - Library Catalog
 - Google Books
 - Interlibrary Loan
 - Request a Purchase
 - UVM Library

Policy (Law Resources)
  - Gale Virtual Reference
 - LexisNexis Academic 


Journal Finder - Locate a journal in a Library Database

Citation Manager -Zotero 

Forward Citing in SciFinder and Google Scholar - Impact Factors

Finding who cited a journal can be helpful as a source of relevant articles to a subject and as a way of determining the impact of the article in field of study.   Scopusand Google Scholar are good forward citing program.

See Citation Searching
Journals published in a field of study can be evalauted by how many times their articles are cited by other publsihed articles. 

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