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History 107 Modern Europe

I.     Finding Secondary Sources

To find a variety of secondary sources search Discovery.  You may want to limit your search to just History sources.

To find books search the Library Catalog.

II.    Finding Primary Sources

1.  Search the Library Catalog to find primary sources in the SMC Library.  Put in the topic you are interested in along with one of the following terms:

  • sources
  • personal narratives
  • autobiography
  • correspondence
  • diaries
  • documentary history

To find books at other libraries, search WorldCat.  You can use the Year feature to limit to books published at a particular time.

To find online books use Google Book Search.  This contains the full text of books written before 1923 and excerpts of many books written later.  You can use the Custom Range date feature to limit to books published at a particular time.

2.  Search for newspaper or magazine articles by reporters who were eye witnesses to key events

Times (London) Digital Archive 1785-1985

Historical Newspapers (New York Times and Washington Post)

3.  Search Internet Sites for Primary Sources:


Modern History Sourcebook

Avalon Project: Documents in Law, History, and Diplomacy


European Library

Project Gutenberg

Britain and the Victorian Era

London Lowlife

Proceedings of London's Central Criminal Court 1674-1913

Queen Victoria's Journals

Victorian Web

Charles Booth Online Archive

British Pathe

British Cartoon Archive

France and the French Revolution

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity

Russia and Eastern Europe

Making the History of 1989

Wars and Wartime

World at War:  Understanding Conflict & Society

World War I Document Archive

First World War

British First World War Propaganda Posters

British Posters of World War I

Imperial War Museum

Peace and War in the 20th Century

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Fleeing Hitler


Cold War History

National Security Archive

Art History

Van Gogh Letters

III. Citing Sources

For guides to citing sources in APA, Chicago, or MLA format, see Citation Guides 


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