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Map of the movement of the black death

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Encyclopedias and dictionaries


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  • Epidemics and Pandemics Ref RA 649 .H293         

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Journal Articles

Primary Sources

  • The Black Death: The Great Mortality of 1348-1350: A Brief History with Documents. John Aberth. 
    RC 172 .A34 2005 
  • The Black Death. Rosemary Horrox, editor and and translator.  RC 178.A1 B58 1994 (on reserve)
  • The Black Death: A Chronicle of the Plague. Compiled by Johannes Nohl, translated by C. H. Clarke.  
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  • Medieval Medicine: a reader. Faith Wallis, editor.  R 141 .M49 2010
  • A Source Book in Medieval Science.  Edward Grant, editor.  Ref Q 153 .G7 1974 (on reserve)

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