SO 215 Demography and Public Health

  • Databases

Statistical Abstracts
primarily data for the United States from 1878 through present

Statistical Insight
Statistics available as indexed tables from federal, state, and international intergovernmental(IGO) publications; searches American Statistics Index, Statistical Reference Index, and Index to International Statistics; provides links to web sites, governmental and nongovernmental; allows keyword searching.

Claritas 360
Demographic and lifestyle/market characteristics of a demographic area within the United States

Offers statistical information and data in a variety of subjects – providing access to data from governmental agencies as well as business organizations, market research firms, and opinion research institutions. 

  • Governmental and Organizational Sources

Census Bureau

American FactFinder

Measuring America

2010 Decennial Census

Census scope: charts, maps, rankings

Vermont Center for Rural Studies (U.S. Census Bureau's VT State Data Center)

  • Population and Demographics: World

CIA – The World Factbook

International Database from the U.S. Census Bureau, includes historical data

NPG—Negative Population Growth

Population Media Center POPIN Data (United Nations Population Information Network)

Population Reference Bureau (PRB): nonprofit environmntal organization presenting news, analysis, etc.

  PRB World Population Data: latest demographic data for the world, global regions and over 200 countries -- each year has special focus -- 2016 "Human Needs, Sustainable Resources"

United Nations Statistics

United Nations Population Fund—UNFPA

World Bank Group—data and research

  • Criminal Justice

Correction Population in the United States

Census of Jails

Federal Bureau of prisons includes a population count for each prison

  • Education

Department of Education

  • Economic / Social—city info, data, states

United Nations data

United Nations Development Program provides information about health, poverty, the environment and other world development issues

Bureau of Economic Analysis 

Economic Census 

World Bank

  • Employment

Bureau of Labor Statistics

  • Environment

World Bank Group—data and research

NPG—Negative Population Growth

UN Environment

“Population and environment” from Rand Corporation

  • Health

CDC Data & Statistics

Alan Guttmacher Institute sexual and reproductive health

American Association of Suicidologydedicated to the understanding and prevention of suicide

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention health –United States

CDC: WISQARS - Injury prevention and control statistics

Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS

National Center for Health Statistics

Vermont Dept. of Health

United Nations Development Program health, poverty, the environment and other world development issues

WHO World Health Organization

  • Immigration / Refugees

U.S. Immigration Statistics from the Department of Homeland Security

United Nations High Commission on Refugees

  • Marketing

Claritas Segmentations and Market SolutionsA consumer market research tool that provides access to segmentation, demographics, and targeting data for media planners and consumer marketers; understand target audiences, their consumer behavior and lifestyles and have access to detailed reports and maps.

American Marketplace (2015 edition)

Household spending (2014 edition)

SRDS: the lifestyle market analyst (2008 edition); print copy in Durick Library Reference HA 203.L54

  • Religion

Religion Statistics and Geography—Church Statistics

  • Print Titles in the SMC Library Reference Collection

American Demographics (1980-2004) -- bound periodicals

County and City Databook -- REF HA202.A36

County and City Extra -- REF HA203.C68

Demographic Resource Guide -- REF HA203.D46

Demographic Yearbook (U.N.) -- REF HA17.D45

Demographics of the U.S. -- REF HB849.49.R875

Encyclopedia of Population -- REF HB871.E538

Historical Statistics of the States of the U.S. -- REF HA214.D63

Historical Statistics of the United States -- REF HA202.B87

Sourcebook of County Demographics -- REF HA203.S65

State of the World REF -- HC59.S73

Statistical Abstract of the United States (annual) -- REF HA202

Statistical Handbook on Poverty in the Developing World -- REF HC59.72.P6 S73

Statistical Portrait of the United States Social Conditions and Trends -- REF HA214.S84

Statistical Yearbook (United Nations) -- REF HA12.5.U63

Vital Signs: the trends that are sharing our future -- REF HC10.V53

World Development Report (annual) -- REF HC59.7W659

World Economic and Social Survey (annual) -- REF HC59.A169

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