Database Information

Library of Latin Texts: CLCLT-5

The CETEDOC Library of Christian Latin Texts (or CLCLT) is an electronic database of Latin texts from the Western Christian tradition, along with a user interface (a software program) for searching these texts. The database is organized into two volumes, as follows:

  • Volume I -- works from the patristic period, including the Vulgate
  • Volume II -- works from the Middle Ages

The user interface allows you to search the database for one or more Latin words or forms, either in the entire database or in some part of it, as delimited by author, title, Clavis Patrum Latinorum code number, or era.

Install and run Library of Latin Texts:

You will need to be on the Saint Michael's College campus (logged in to MIKENET) to use Library of Latin Texts.

Click on the following link: file:///O:/Apps/Library/CLCLT5/CLCLT5-Setup.exe
NOTE:  if file does not run, copy link & paste to address bar of your browser. Press enter.

Click "Run"

Click "OK"

After installation is complete, find CLCLT-5 as a program in your start menu under programs:

CLCT-5 desktop screenshot

For further assistance, please call Library and Information Services: 654-2405.


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