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An Academic Site License using NYTimes Group Passes provides users with full access to and the smartphone apps.* 

Once activated while on Saint Michael's campus network, an Group Pass can be used from any location.

New Users:  How to Activate a Pass
While physically on campus and within Saint Michael's network:

Go to  
  1. Create an account using your SMC email address.  If you already have an account using your SMC email address, you may log in with those credentials.
  2. When you see START YOUR ACCESS, the expiration time and date of your pass will appear. 
  3. Go to and enjoy your full access from any location.

Returning Users
Once you have activated the Group Pass provided by Saint Michael's, it should allow you full access with no further action on your part.  However, if for any reason while on you are served the message that you are reaching the limit of free articles on the site, do the following:

Make sure you are logged in to the account with which you activated your Group Pass. If you log out of your account or visit on a device where you are not logged in, you can simply log in to your account to continue enjoying access.

If your Group Pass has expired
Visit to activate a new pass  -- while physically within Saint Michael's network on campus.  

Smartphone Apps
Your Group Pass includes access to The New York Times via the NYTimes smartphone apps.  To download your free smartphone apps by visiting:

Group Pass FAQ’s

Why use the Group Pass to read The New York Times online?
The New York Times charges for full access to its digital edition,  Visitors to the site are capped at viewing 10 articles each month before charges take effect.  The Group Pass gives you unlimited access to all content on the site, with the exception of a limitation on the number of articles you can view from the archive period 1923-1980.

What are the restrictions?
Site license access does not include the tablet apps.  At this time, access to articles from the date range 1923 to 1980 is limited is limited to 5 articles for the entire duration of your pass.  SMC users can access older content through  New York Times Current (full text 1980 - present) and New York Times Historical (begins 1851)

Can I access The Times off-campus?
Yes, as long as you have previously activated your Group Pass from within Saint Michael’s network, e.g. its designated IP ranges while on campus.  You cannot activate a Group Pass from a proxy server from an off-campus location.

Can I access the Times from my mobile device?
There are mobile apps for iPhone/iPod Touch (IOS 5.0+), Android (OS 2.1+), and Windows (7.5 O.S.) phones; these are included as part of the Group  Pass. Mobile apps for tablets are not part of the Group  Pass. However, you can access the mobile site ( using your smartphone or tablet running one of the above operating systems.

Why am I asked to log in on some occasions and not others?
This may be because your browser may clear its web cache/history if it is set to do so. In such cases you will need to log back into to, but you still have your Group Pass.

Do campus alumni have access?
No, only current students, faculty and staff are entitled to activate a Group Pass.

Are there other New York Times resources available on campus?
Saint Michael's also provides searchable access to the New York Times through ProQuest:

New York Times Current - full text 1980 - present.
New York Times Historical - begins 1851

I still need help!
If you are still experiencing problems, contact our site license support at for assistance or View our complete FAQ. 

*Does not include e-reader editions, Premium Crosswords or The New York Times Crosswords apps. NYTimes apps are not supported on all devices. Access to archived articles within the date range 1923-1980 is limited. 

Dates of Coverage 1981 to present
Source Types Newspaper
Source List
Simultaneous users Unlimited
Vendor New York Times

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