CIA World Factbook
This is a wonderful source for country information and maps which is in the public domain. It may be copied without obtaining permission from the Central Intelligence Agency.

Global Road Warrior
Use this database to get acclimated to a country's business culture and etiquette (greetings & courtesies, ethics, meetings, attire), society and culture (gift giving, food, media, time & punctuality) and travel tips (money & banking, transportation, and more) for 175 countries.

Political Handbook of the World
Provides information on the major aspects of each country's government and political party system.

Country Profiles
Profiles from the Library of Congress research division with summarized country information including historical background, geography, society, economy, transportation and telecommunications, government and politics, and national security.  More detailed country studies featuring a country's history and culture are also available but may be somewhat dated.

Encyclopedia of the World's Nations and Cultures
REF G 63 .K874 2007  4 vols

Europa World Year Book
Ref JN 1 .E85
Contains valuable information about international organizations as well as individual countries.  Data comes from the United Nations as well as many other international sources.


Atlas of Canada
Contains text and interactive maps arranged in the broad thematic sections of Environment, People and Society, Economy, History, Climate Change, Freshwater, Health, Reference Maps, Topographic Maps, and Map Archives.

Google maps

Perry Castaneda Library Map Collection
Online maps from the University of Texas which include regional and world maps and links to outline maps.

Maps may also be found in atlases, books about countries, and in the map area of the reference collection which includes flat maps, folded maps, and rolled maps.  Maps may be topical, country or regional outlines, road maps, or fall into another of the many types of maps.  Ask a librarian for help.

The Statesman's Yearbook
REF JA 51 .S7

Travel guides to many countries are kept in the Reference and General Collections.  Ask a reference librarian for help.

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