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The studio art curriculum is designed to develop skills and critical thinking related to contemporary art practice. We offer beginning and advanced courses in digital art, drawing, painting, sculpture, and art history. Art majors complete their education at Saint Michael’s with a solo exhibition in their senior year.

A new digital art lab on main campus compliments Sloane Art Center, a nineteenth century historic building with spacious drawing, painting, sculpture, and photo studios.

Graduate schools attended by our majors include the Rhode Island School of Design, Pratt Institute, Hunter College, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, and the Fashion Institute of Technology.

You will take courses that explore a variety of mediums such as oil paint, digital video, and mixed media sculpture. You'll have the opportunity to examine art history spanning from ancient cave painting to contemporary performance art. You'll take courses as diverse as life drawing, digital imaging, experimental painting, site and installation art, and oil painting. You will also have the opportunity to study ceramics, digital photography, and other artistic media as electives.

Our department is housed in Sloane Art Center, a renovated nineteenth-century cavalry barracks, offering high ceilings and abundant natural light. You will have access to a number of studios and classrooms as well as exhibition galleries to show your work.

As the senior capstone to your art major, you will exhibit a significant body of original work demonstrating those central disciplines of artistic production in the gallery of the McCarthy Art Center.

Sample Four Year Plan for Art Majors*

First Year

AR 201 Foundations in Art
AR 219 Painting with Acrylic 
AR 205
Drawing I
AH 251 Survey of the History of Art 

First Year Seminar 
Liberal Studies course

Liberal Studies course
Liberal Studies course

AR 215 Digital Imaging AR 235 Sculpture: Site & Installation
AH 333  Art Since 1960
Liberal Studies courses

Liberal Studies course
Liberal Studies courses
  Elective    Elective 

AR 408  Junior Studio 
Art elective 
  Junior Seminar    Liberal Studies course
  Electives    Electives

AR 415 Senior Studio 
Art elective
  Electives    Electives 

* For students who enroll in the fall of 2018.

Brian Collier, MFA

Associate Professor of Fine Arts: Art

Contact Professor Collier

Sloane Art Center 262
Box 347
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M.F.A. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
B.F.A. Suny at Buffalo

Areas of Expertise:

Sculpture, installation art, digital imaging, video, web design, interdisciplinary art and ecological art.  I am particularly interested in artworks that traverse traditional disciplinary boundaries.

Courses I Teach:

  • Digital Imaging
  • Digital Video Art
  • Sculpture: Subject and Object
  • Sculpture: Site and Installation
  • Performing Presentations
  • Senior Studio

My Saint Michael's:

I lead students to understand that successful art-making is a balance of technical skills, focused research and creative experimentation. I show students a wide range of art historical examples for assigned projects but encourage them to find their own unique and diverse solutions.

Will Mentor, BFA

Associate Professor of Fine Arts: Art

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Sloane Art Center 226
Box 364
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B.F.A. Rhode Island School of Design

Areas of Expertise:

I inquire into the contemporary comingling of biological, manufactured, and virtual environments by combining hand-made and computer-derived imagery in my paintings.

Courses I Teach:

  • Life Drawing
  • Painting Tutorial
  • Painting with Oil

I present theory, history, and practice as inextricably connected in my courses. I give my students instruction in manual and conceptual skills, and then encourage them to create their own work.

Terryl Kinder, FSA

Visiting Distinguished Professor of Art History

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Areas of expertise

Medieval art
Ancient and medieval archeology
Medieval monasteries
Medieval pilgrimages
Stone quarrying and medieval construction
History and architecture of the Cistercian Order

Courses I Teach

Survey of Ancient and Medieval Art
Saints, Kings, Barbarians: Early Medieval Art
Castles, Cathedrals, Cities Culture and Society in Medieval Burgundy

My Saint Mike's

St Michael's College has always been a very special place to me, and I'm honored to be a bridge between Pontigny Abbey––where the Society of St Edmund was created in the 19th c.––and the College today. It's my pleasure to bring students to Burgundy (France) each year and to teach them them about the roots of SMC while exploring the history of this region through its historic architecture, museums, cities, castles, battlefields (as well as food, of course!).  At SMC this medieval world view–– and my excitement about it––spills over into my courses, whether a survey of Europe and the Middle East from prehistoric times to the Renaissance, or specialized seminars in various aspects of the Medieval World, such as arts made by nomadic tribes in the 7th century, stained glass of the soaring cathedrals, or the architecture of monks who lived in silence in immense, exquisitely designed stone buildings.  “Material culture” is so relevant for today when communication is, above all, visual, and I love being a conduit for the SMC community.

Maea Brandt, MFA

Lecturer in Art

Contact Professor Brandt

Sloane Art Center
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  • MFA School of the Museum of Fine Art, Boston
  • BFA San Francisco Art Institute
  • BA Wellesley College

Areas of Expertise

Drawing, Sculpture, Asian Art

Mallory Breiner, MFA

Lecturer in Art

Contact Professor Breiner

Sloane Art Center SAC 128
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MFA Combined Media - Hunter College, New York, New York
BA Fine Arts and English - Saint Michael's College, Winooski, VT

Areas of Expertise: 

  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Sculpture
  • Installation
  • Contemporary Art

Course I Teach: 

  • Drawing I
  • Sculpture: Site & Installation

Jordan Douglas

Lecturer in Art

Contact Professor Douglas

Sloane Art Center 214
Box c/o Will Mentor, Fine Arts
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Areas of Expertise:

Film Photography
Digital Photography
Traditional Drawing

Courses I Teach

Introduction to Darkroom Photography
Introduction to Digital Photography
Intermediate Photography (Darkroom and Digital)

Gordon Glover, MFA

Lecturer in Art

Contact Professor Glover

Saint Edmund's Hall First floor Mac Lab
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M.F.A. Photography and Digital Imagin, Maryland Institute College of Art
B.F.A Film and Animation, University of Arts, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Areas of Expertise:

After Effects

Video Compositing

Adobe Creative Suite

Film and Video Editing

Media Studies


Majors/Minors Taught:

Digital Animation

Video Art


Courses Taught:


AR115 Digital Animation

AR214 Animation and Motion Graphics

AR315 Video Art




"Keeping engagement is sometimes intuitive and borne out of mutual enthusiasm for the topic at hand. Just as often, it has to be fostered, conjured, cranked up and earned. Dragged uphill. Patched and inflated. Practically speaking, for me it means asking and not telling. Following, not leading, and then pushing from the back wheel, letting the handlebars steer. Whether its experimental animation, conventional editing, Media Studies, Film History, or Documentary, we may start with the training wheels on, but as soon they are obsolete they go. When we are sure how the gears and brakes work, I let go of the frame and we can ride off together."

Valerie Hird, MFA

Lecturer in Art
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M.F.A Vermont College of Fine Art
B.F.A Rhode Island School of Design

Areas of Expertise

Visual Language, Drawing, Painting

Courses I Teach


Hird’s work explores cultural mythologies and the roles they play in different societies. The conversations Ms. Hird is interested in having are a result of the years she’s spent moving across cultures and developing a sense of which images can be both local and universal. Hird is particularly interested in how symbolic forms – familiar to all - can be interpreted by viewers in different countries and cultures.

Several of our majors have chosen to study abroad during their tenure at St. Mike's in cities all over Europe, most especially Paris, Rome, and London with their deep history and connection with the arts, and in countries like Jordan, Ecuador, and New Zealand.

You'll also have the opportunity to intern with local artists and designers and at places such as Burlington City Arts and Shelburne Museum.

Because of our proximity to Vermont's largest city, you can immerse yourself in all sorts of cultural experiences and events such as Burlington's South End Art Hop or the Festival of Fools. And you are only a 75 minute drive from Montreal, Quebec, an international, cultural center for the arts.

After graduation, our majors go on to careers like:

  • Fashion Designer
  • Graphic Artist
  • Art Teacher
  • Public Art Coordinator

If you have an interest in pursuing a career in teaching at the elementary or secondary level, double-majoring in art and education at Saint Michael's is a great option.

Many of our majors have decided to pursue an advanced degree at such graduate schools as the Rhode Island School of Design, Pratt Institute, and the Fashion Institute of Technology.

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