Kaylee Jackson '17

Major: Biology

Minors: Environmental Studies

What do you do for a living?

I am currently an intern with the State of New Hampshire testing fresh water and coastal water, but I just accepted a position as a Lab Technician with Normandeau in Bedford, N.H.  

How did your experience at Saint Michael's help prepare you for your career?

All of the different labs! I really got to feel out what type of lab work I like and being able to talk to potential employers about that has really helped make me more marketable.

What is your favorite memory from your time at St. Mike's?

My favorite memory has to be the two summers I spent interning with VT EPSCoR under Janel Roberge and Declan McCabe. I learned so much about water quality and had so much fun with the other interns!  

Any advice for students at St. Mike's?

Listen to your professors! My internship at the state would have never even happened if I hadn't gotten an email one day from a professor that knew I liked water quality and was willing to relocate. Then through networking I was able to connect with the head of the lab I am going to be working at. Make those connections and keep in touch with professors, they will be your greatest resource!

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