Sample Four Year Plan for Elementary Education Majors

First Year
Fall Spring
ED 231 Education in the 21st Century  ED 251 Child Development in a Culturally Responsive Classroom
First Year Seminar  Course for second major
Course for second major Liberal Studies course
Liberal Studies course Liberal Studies course
Fall Spring
ED 300 Teaching Social Studies and the Arts ED 335 Literacy in the Elementary Classroom
  Course for second major    Course for second major 
Liberal Studies courses Liberal Studies courses
Fall Spring
ED 325 Teaching Elementary Mathematics ED 340 Teaching in Inclusive Elementary Classsrooms
ED 339 Making Meaning: Content Area Literacy Junior Seminar
  Courses for second major    Courses for second major 
Fall Spring
ED 427 Inquiry Science Practicum ED 428 Student Teaching Seminar
Courses for second major ED 475 Student Teaching Internship

In addition to the required courses above, Elementary Education majors also complete a liberal arts major (History, English, French, Latin, Spanish, Political Science, American Studies) or a science major (Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Environmental Science, Mathematics).

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