Norbert A. Kuntz Memorial Lecture Series

This annual lecture series was established in honor of Dr. Norbert Kuntz, a long-time professor and chair of Saint Michael's history department until 1989. The series brings an historian of international stature to Saint Michael's College to address the community.

Below is a list of past speakers:

2016, Fall

William Kirby, Spangler Family Professor of Business Administration, Harvard University
Title: "Can China Lead?"

2016, Spring

Christina Baade, Associate Professor of Communication Studies and Music, McMaster University
Title: "Vera Lynn Sings: Domesticity, Glamour, and National Belonging on 1950s' Television"


Dr. Charles Briggs, Lecturer, Department of History, University of Vermont
Title: "Thinking Globally About the Hundred Years War"


Dr. Scott McLaughlin, Professional Historian and Archaeologist &
Director of Turning Points in American History Program
Title: "With Their Homes About Them"


Dr. Leslie Brown, Associate Professor of History, Williams College
Title: "Long Before the Movement Started: Protestent Protests"


Vince Feeney, specialist on Irish and VT History 
Title: "Shamrocks in the Green Mountains: Irish Immigration in 19th Century VT"

2010, Fall

Dr. Gayle K. Brunelle, Professor of History, California State University, Fullerton 
& Dr. Annette Finley-Croswhite, Professor of History at Old Dominion University, Virginia
Title: "Murder in the Metro: Laetitia Toureaux and the Cagoule in 1930s France"

2010, Spring

Robinson Herrera, Professor of History, Florida State University 
Title: "'She's All I Have': The Cult of Santa Muerte in Modern Latin America"


Dr. R. Keith Schoppa, Doehler Chair in Asian History, Loyola College in Maryland 
Title: "Three Kinds of Time: The Chinese Cope with Japanese Germ Warfare, 1940-1945"


James Overfield, Emeritus Professor, University of Vermont
Title: "'An Evil to Be Endured', Big Time Sports at American Universities: A Historical Perspective" 


Edward Osowski, Independent Scholar
Title: "Post-Contact Indigenous Peoples' Historical Expressions and Communications in Latin America"  

2005, Fall

Dr. Paul E. Johnson, University of South Carolina, author: Sam Patch, the Famous Jumper
Title: "Sam Patch:  America's First Professional Daredevil" 

2005, Spring

Dr. Alfred Andrea, Emeritus Professor, Department of History, University of Vermont 
Title: "The Crusades: Medieval and Modern Propectives"


Jan Albers, author: Hands on the Lands: A History of the Vermont Landscape 
Title: "Myths of Vermont: The History of a Landscape Ideal"

Evan Bukey, Department of History, University of Arkansas
Title: "Austria and the Holocaust" 


James L. Huffman, H. Orth Hirt Professor of History at Wittenberg University
Title: "Press Nationalism and the Russo-Japanese War: Lessons for America"


Charles T. Wood, Professor Emeritus, Dartmouth College 
Title: "Joseph of Arimathea: From Biblical Obscurity to New Age Fame"

Altina Waller, Department of History, University of Connecticut, Storrs
Title: "Peggy Eaton and Andrew Jackson: A Presidential Scandal" 


Bernard McGinn, University of Chicago Divinity School 
Title: "Imagining the Last Judgment"


Jean H. Baker, Department of History, Goucher College
Title: "Family History as Social History: The Stevensons of Illinois" 


Richard Rodriguez, writer; Pulitzer Prize finalist for his book Days of Obligation: An Argument with my Mexican Father
Title: "The Indigenous Response to European Settlement"


Akira Iriye, Charles Warren Professor of American History, Harvard University
Title: "Japanese-American Relations and the Legacy of World War Two" 


Frau Freya von Moltke, widow of Helmut James von Moltke, one of the leaders in the Hitler assassination attempt & Peter Hoffman, Kingsford Professor of History, McGill University
Title: "German Resistance Against the Nazi Regime"

James Muldoon, former Saint Michael's history professor; Department of History, Rutgers University
Title: "Human Rights and Humane Education" 


Rayna Green, Director of the American Indian Program, National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution 
Title: "Freedom is an Indian Woman: American Indian Women After Contact"


Louis Harlan, former President of the American Historical Association 
Title: "Brooker T. Washington: The Wizard of Tuskegee"

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