Mathematics Alumni in Acturarial Analysis Careers

Megan Tatro Christensen '06

meg tatro

I work as a Risk Analyst on the Catastrophe Management team at Travelers Insurance. I do statistical modeling of catastrophic risks at Travelers and help create initiatives to reduce that risk. For example, I have been doing extensive research on earthquake risk that I will use to build a tool that will help Travelers determine their potential losses in the event of an earthquake. The loss estimated by this tool will be used for reserving estimations so that enough money is set aside to pay for the losses. I also plan to enroll in graduate school in Spring 2009 at the University of Connecticut to get a M.S. in Applied Financial Mathematics.

My education at Saint Michael's has helped me by not only giving me the fundamental knowledge in mathematics that I use in my job every day, but also it has given me the confidence needed to succeed in a large company. Without the knowledge I gained at Saint Michaels, both inside and outside of the classroom, I do not think I would be working at Travelers Insurance today.

Gordon Hines '05

gordon hines

I am currently working at Allied World Assurance Company in Farmington, CT as Vice President and Actuary of Professional Lines.

I began my Actuarial career in the summer between junior and senior year, interning for The Travelers Insurance Company in Hartford, CT as a member of the Actuarial Leadership Development Program (ALDP).  Upon graduating from college I was offered a full time position there in the ALDP, along with about a dozen other recent college graduates from throughout the country.  Being a part of an Actuarial Development program is a great way to ease into the Actuarial career.  At Travelers the program offered  numerous educational classes, from technical to business skills; the opportunity to rotate annually to positions throughout the company; and most importantly exam support in the way of manuals, seminars and study time to help navigate the grueling Exam process.  It’s a great way to see and learn about many different areas of the company, all while sitting for (and hopefully passing) the many Actuarial exams.  I finished my 9th and final exam in fall of 2011, and at that time became a Fellow of the Casualty Actuarial Society.

In the spring of 2014 I joined Allied World Assurance Company.  Today I’m the lead Actuary for Errors and Omissions, Cyber Liability, Product Recall and Trade Credit Insurance.  As an Actuary I spend much of my time working with underwriters, analyzing the lines of business to assess the profitable or unprofitable segments, and helping to develop new products to expand Allied World’s reach in the market.

My mathematics degree from Saint Michael's has helped me tremendously throughout my career: from the Calculus and Statistics background for passing exams, to the experiences of smaller, focused classes in my major.  Being at a small school, and in a specialized major, classes were much more interactive than they would have been at a larger university, and set a strong foundation for working on teams and interacting with others in a business setting.

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