Data and Statistical Analysis

Will Kitterman '17

I am currently working in the Procurement department as an Associate Analyst at C&S Wholesale Grocers. This department is responsible for monitoring product volume and helping purchase goods at the lowest prices. In return, we turn these lower prices into better deals for our customers and more profit for the company. In my role, I am responsible for supporting all groups within Procurement, usually solving problems to achieve maximum efficiency. Usually, the information I find is sent in reports or leads into further investigation.

My mathematics education at Saint Michael’s definitely helped prepare me for my role. Saint Mike's provided me with strong analytic skills as well as the ability to think critically. I learned there are multiple ways to solve every problem. Being able to apply my math degree to real-life applications was very important to me and the Saint Michael’s faculty went above and beyond in helping me in my job search.

Ben Lambert '17

Upon graduating from Saint Michael's College, I began the process of applying to graduate school to earn a Master's degree in Data Science. While I wait until next year to begin this next chapter, I am currently working at a data-as-a-service provider called Semcasting as a Marketing Audience Analyst in the Financial/Home services department. In my role, I use a genetic algorithm to model clients' customers and then use these models to determine the best potential new customers based on a one-ten decile range with one being the best candidates. In addition, I help take clients' requests of the demographics that they would like to target and build lists of prospective clients. We also run attribution projects to determine how effective our campaigns were. 

I graduated from Saint Michael's College with a B.S. in Mathematics with aspirations to complete a Master’s in Data Science. In both my job as an analyst and in my pursuit of graduate school, I can see where SMC's influence has helped me immensely. For me, this whole career path started with one class I took at SMC called Applied Regression Analysis. As I was was sitting in Durick one night creating a 60-page report, I realized that modeling data and finding unique solutions was something that was both engaging and challenging. I knew that I had stumbled onto something and decided to continue to pursue this path. The strong analytical background I fostered at SMC is coming in handy with tackling new problems and coming up with innovative solutions in my new position. In addition, my mathematical background and course work at SMC has also prepared me well for being a strong applicant at one of the top Data Science programs in the country at WPI which I am excited to start next year!

Apart from crunching numbers and running models, I enjoy playing tennis, hiking, skiing, and biking whenever I can!

Stephanie Nadow '15

I graduated from Saint Michael’s as a math and education double major with hopes of becoming a math teacher in a middle or high school. I spent some time teaching after graduation, but ultimately decided that teaching was no longer a profession I wanted to pursue. My job search landed me in the health insurance industry, which I found to be a perfect blend of both my technical and arts backgrounds.

Currently, I am working at Fallon Health, a small health insurance company in Worcester, Massachusetts. I work with a team of doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals in the Utilization Management department as a Coordinator and Report Specialist. This department manages how our members access their benefits and medically necessary services. My role includes reporting and analysis of the data my department produces. This data is then presented to other department leaders within our company and is also sent to health care providers and government agencies for review. I run ad hoc reports to track various business processes within the department for quality assurance and compliance. I also work with our IT department to develop these reports.

My mathematics education at St. Mike's has prepared me for this role because it taught me the significance of critical thinking. Many of my co-workers have approached me to help them work through obstacles that arise and I rely on critical thinking to find a solution. As a student at St. Mike's, I was eager to learn new things and master each topic. I carried this desire to learn with me after graduation and it has allowed me the opportunity to be involved in many of the projects that support the ever-changing business needs of my department.

When I am not in the office, you can find me in the pool training for my next open water swim or on deck coaching the swim team at my local YMCA. Although I have stepped away from teaching, I find fulfillment in coaching these young swimmers.

Meaghan Leong '14


I completed my Masters in Business Analytics at Bentley University, and I am now a Principal Engineer for the Field Operations team at Verizon. My job is to provide requirements for new broadband products and services as well as create training for installation and troubleshooting these new offerings. 

My Saint Michael's mathematics education has helped me thrive in projects involving big data. I am constantly asked to perform big data analysis on small side projects because of my math background. Those opportunities have allowed me to join many of the diverse and innovative projects Verizon is working on. I want to continue my mathematics education and I hope to some day earn my MBA degree.

Jeff Trites '14

I am currently working as a Public Health Analyst for the Vermont Department of Health (VDH). My work primarily supports the Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Programs. My day-to-day work typically consists of responding to data requests, writing data briefs, and performing any general data analysis and research related to drug and alcohol use/misuse across the state of Vermont. Additionally, half of my time goes toward working as an evaluator for the Strategic Prevention Framework for Prescription Drugs grant. This grant is aimed at preventing the misuse of prescription opioids among youth and young adults in Vermont through various media and outreach programs. My role as an evaluator is to determine how effective any grant-related programs have been and to engage with stakeholders to determine what is needed to achieve any desired goals over time.

Before being hired as a full-time employee at VDH, I was an intern in the Oral Health program. I spent most of my time writing data briefs with the aim of explaining the connection between oral health and overall health. This internship was done as part of my graduate work at the University of Vermont where I earned a Master’s of Science in Biostatistics.

During my time as a mathematics/economics double major, I learned many valuable lessons and skills, and the foundation I built at Saint Mike’s has helped immensely in my career and academic endeavors.  In particular, my background in programming has been the most useful part of my undergraduate experience and is a skill I cannot recommend highly enough to someone considering a career in statistical analysis or any quantitative field.

In addition to my work at the Department of Health, I also work at the Durick Library on the weekends, so feel free to stop by if you have any questions!

Krista Bird '13

I am currently working at SmartCo Services, LLC in Taunton, Massachusetts. SmartCo Services is a web-based technology company which was established in 2005. SmartCo’s primary product is a smart inventory program called PartsEye. This program is used by car dealerships across the country to optimize inventory in their parts department by analyzing their data. PartsEye is used to see what parts a dealership is selling, what parts they have in stock, and consider current industry trends to decide what parts a dealership should order on a daily basis.

I work in the Process Improvement department as a Process Improvement Analyst. My day-to-day responsibilities include analyzing existing processes and operational data, as well as creating reporting and workflows that provide recommendations for improvement to the customer’s experience. I work closely will almost all other departments in the company, including the development team, technical operations, and product management. Currently, I am working on a project with product management in regards to changing the inventory import process. This is the process in which we collect dealerships’ inventory from various Dealer Management Systems that the dealers use.

Majoring in Mathematics at Saint Michael’s College prepared me for this role by providing me with the analytical and technical skills that I use daily. As a Process Improvement Analyst, I am looking at the company’s current procedures and figuring out ways to make them less resource-intensive and more customer-friendly. The Mathematics Department at SMC provided me with the critical thinking skills that I need to succeed in my current role and to advance in the technical/automotive industry.

Alexa Foote '13

I am currently working as a Senior Data Scientist at Nielsen. This position resides in Brand Effect, which is part of Nielsen’s global Data Science Watch organization, maximizing clients' advertising effectiveness across TV and digital platforms. I am responsible for measuring the memorability and quality of clients' advertisements to improve their return on investment. My work primarily focuses on performing custom statistical research and analysis using various sampling, modeling, and hypothesis testing methods. Doing this involves extracting data from Oracle databases using SQL and writing Python/R programs to manipulate and analyze data.

After graduating from Saint Michael’s, I enrolled in Purdue University’s Master of Science in Applied Statistics program and graduated in May 2015. As part of my acceptance I was offered a teaching assistantship, including a stipend and a tuition waiver. During my two-year assistantship, I had a variety of roles and responsibilities, including conducting and grading introductory statistical methods recitation labs and instructing an introductory probability course for business majors. Being a TA as well as an instructor for undergraduate statistics classes not only solidified my knowledge of different statistical methods but it also built my confidence and leadership, making me comfortable in positions where responsibility, discernment, and strong interpersonal skills are essential. In addition to my teaching responsibilities, I took courses which emphasized statistical methodologies and inference, and computational statistics.

My Saint Michael’s mathematics education provided me with the foundation of knowledge to succeed in graduate school and at Nielsen. The quantitative training and creative problem solving skills that I obtained from my coursework at SMC have taught me to look at data with an open mind. Data analysis has so many facets and approaches, and there are often multiple ways to find the solution to a problem. My education has taught me that it’s not about getting the right answer right away, but rather taking the time to think critically and understand all the possible solutions to a problem first. This approach to problem solving and the statistical skills I learned at Saint Michael’s have been invaluable, and I apply them every day.   

Rob Hammond '13


I am currently an Analyst at Risk Management Solutions, a catastrophic risk modeling firm in Hoboken, NJ. I am concurrently enrolled in a part time M.S. in Data Science program at New York University where I will be exploring connections between data science, environmental conservation, and policy. Starting after the completion of my junior year, and continuing through the summer after my graduation, I interned as a Corporate Actuarial Intern at National Life Insurance Company in Montpelier, VT where I devised methods to capture and test specific data inputs against select in-force policy illustrations to ensure modeling accuracy between the incoming and existing actuarial softwares.

Following graduation, I moved to Scotland for a year and explored the scenery and the Scotch Whisky industry to which I became certified in its sales and service. Now that I have returned to the U.S. I have been working at RMS with (re)insurance clients to assess their quantifiable catastrophic risk for specific books of business. Working with datasets containing anywhere from one to millions of records I cleanse the data, import into our RiskLink software and apply any financial structures, and preform an analysis. Subsequently, I simplify the results and the client's exposures into a digestible format, then I deliver and present it to the client giving insight into where there greatest risks can be found.

The mathematics degree from Saint Michael's helped me prepare for my career. Through the various core courses and especially the elective courses I have been able to pique my interests in the applicability of mathematics. The most important aspects were the opportunities to present my research and participate in real-world applicable mathematics discourse outside of the classroom at various symposia and conferences.

Mary Spuches '12

mary spuches

Upon graduating from SMC, I received my Master’s Degree in 2014 in Applied Mathematics from the University of North Carolina - Charlotte. I am currently working as a Business Intelligence Analyst for the Human Resources Workforce Strategy and Analytics department at Carolinas HealthCare System in Charlotte, NC. I perform statistical analysis on over 65,000 employees, 900 healthcare locations and 11,000,000 annual patients. My key role is developing reports and dashboards for different areas of the organization. I investigate trends related to Human Resources data (aka employee data) and develop reports which help portray past behaviors and provide recommendations for future workforce planning. The dashboards also track current performance towards the organization/department/leader specific goals.

In addition to my regular reporting responsibilities, I also work on special projects which require an “analytics lens”. The project I am currently co-leading was announced by the White House in April 2016 and is called the Health Career Pathways Initiative. Charlotte is one of 7 regions in the nation chosen for this project, with Carolinas HealthCare System leading the work in the Charlotte region. The goal of this project is to provide economic mobility opportunities to the Charlotte community through education, skills training, and family sustaining careers in healthcare. My role as a data analyst is to understand which jobs in the organization currently provide family sustaining incomes, determine where the highest demand for labor is, match our organization’s diversity to the Charlotte community diversity, and clearly illustrate pathways for advancement in various healthcare career tracks.

Working for a large healthcare system has given me countless opportunities to develop myself both personally and professionally. For example, I recently became a Certified Yoga Instructor and now teach classes after work for our employees. My career is very exciting and rewarding; having a degree in mathematics from Saint Michael’s College helps me be very versatile in the types of work I can perform.

Jaqui Tuthill '12

jacqueline tuthill '12

I am working as a Business Process Specialist for CUNA Mutual Group, an insurance company based in Madison, WI.  We provide insurance and other financial services for credit unions and their members.  I work in the Finance department leading the Account Performance team.  We aggregate the data for all product lines for each credit union.  This allows the product teams and the sales team to consider the entire account rather than a siloed view, one product at a time.  My primary responsibilities include verifying data accuracy and responding to data requests from the different product areas.  I also started an R&D working group whose purpose is to find more uses for the data.  A lot of time has been invested into compiling and verifying the data and it can be very powerful in driving business decisions so I assembled a group of analysts from across the company to see how their departments can utilize the data.  So far the project is one month in and we are already seeing interesting projects and a high level of interaction from the participants.

My Saint Michael's mathematics education helped prepare me for this position because at St. Mike’s I learned not to have tunnel vision when solving a problem.  There are typically many ways to find the solution and being able to wrap your mind around many different starting points at once is important.  When I’m working with the data there are many different starting points and I have to decide pretty quickly which point is actually the best place to start.  Similarly, if there are problems with the accuracy of the data I have to quickly determine the best course of action to remedy the issue.  I am also doing some statistical regression, potentially moving towards inference, and learning about that at SMC has been invaluable.  

Cody Rock '11

cody rock

I am a Public Health Analyst for the State of Vermont, working for the Department of Health's Immunization Registry Program in downtown Burlington, VT. My main duties include conducting ad-hoc and standing data and statistical analysis tasks as requested from the IMR manager and other clients around the state, assist in data quality and import tasks, and provide support on multiple levels in the Immunization Registry team, including interacting with clients, practices, and health insurers from the area. I am also a graduate of the University of Vermont's Master of Science in Statistics program, from which I graduated in May of 2013.

My mathematics education was a tremendous help in preparation for graduate school and for my career as an analyst for the State of Vermont. The principles that I was taught definitely gave me a leg up, both in graduate school and beyond. I could not be more happy and proud to be a graduate of the Saint Michael's College mathematics program. Go, Purple Knights!

Dan Lewis '10

Daniel Lewis You have to measure it to manage it. A concept that my professional life has made me realize, but my education with Saint Mike's Math Department provided the foundation for. My degree from SMC honed my problem-solving skills and enabled an exciting and diverse career path.

I joined MRM McCann early in 2015 as a Senior Data Strategist and have since been promoted to Director, Data Analytics. However, there is more to my story before this career shift. I started my career with a leading social media agency, Attention, as the head data analyst where I helped build the analytics practice, as well as, designed and executed analytics strategies for clients such as: Hilton Hotels, Michelin, Logitech, Sports Authority, M.A.C. Cosmetics, and Bausch & Lomb. After Attention, I earned a Master's degree in technology entrepreneurship from the University of Notre Dame with a focus on recommendation engine design for a web-based deals marketplace business model. Following Notre Dame, I helped to found and build a startup, called enFocus, 'focused' on community development through technology deployment and business process optimization in the public sector. At enFocus, projects featured data driven business strategies for municipalities and educational institutions, social media focused crowdfunding campaigns, and health care informatics initiatives directed at population health using mobile and social platforms. A bonus: with all of the project experience I garnered to that point, I earned a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification from the Project Management Institute - this is something I would highly recommend as life is full of projects.

When I am not at the office or trying to save the world, you might find me traveling, surfing, or playing ice hockey.

Andrea Austin '08

I completed my PhD in Biostatistics at Brown University almost two years ago. My thesis was entitled "Covariate Defined Latent Space Models for Social Networks with Extensions to Biomolecular Pathways". It was an amazing experience to do a PhD at Brown.
Since then, I taught statistics for a year at SUNY Fredonia, but decided to go back into research. Currently, I am a research scientist at The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice. I lead and contribute to manuscripts, lead the analytic team in defining research questions, developing analytic plans, and overseeing analyses and end products. It has been handy that my undergraduate degree was in math; for example, early in my position I was deriving measures to model economic competition that relate to healthcare markets that ended up in a paper. So my SMC degree is still coming in handy!
I am still involved with projects incorporating my dissertation topic, social networks, and I am encouraged to pose and work on new research questions that I come up with as pertains to the world of health policy and clinical practice. I also take an active mentor role, mentoring various students and programmers in the learning and implementation of statistics.

Allie Levesque Kinslow '08

allie levesque

I work as a Healthcare Data Analyst at the High Value Healthcare Collaborative (HVHC). As an analyst, I use SAS and work with several forms of healthcare data including administrative claims, lab, pharmacy, EMR, survey and patient-entered information. I am responsible for completing analyses that examine clinical and financial outcomes, such as episode costs, mortality rates, inpatient length of stay, etc. HVHC work is focused around various chronic and surgical conditions, and I primarily work on Sepsis-related projects. The overall goal is to better understand best medical practices that result in the best outcomes and share this information with other hospitals within the collaborative as they transition to deliver value-based care.

My mathematics education at Saint Michael's has certainly helped me get to where I am today. At Saint Michael's, we were required to take certain math courses as part of the degree requirements but were also given some flexibility in exploring topics of interest in math. This mix provides a good foundation for everyone but also leaves room for students to discover what part of math is most fascinating to them as individuals. I first became interested in statistics at St. Michael's which led me to a Master's degree in Statistics and then a career in data and statistical analysis. The math education at Saint Michael's has not only helped me in my career path; it has allowed me to solve problems and think critically outside of work and the classroom. I have also taken away with me a set of tools and skills that allow me to learn on my own and think for myself - important for anywhere life may take me.

Kate Morrow '08

kate morro

Currently I am working as a Statistical Programmer for the Vermont Oxford Network. I write SAS code to investigate the network’s data. Usually the information I gain from investigations is used to send reports to clients, further a research project, or improve the accuracy of our data.

The varied math courses that Saint Michael’s offered allowed me to discover the areas of mathematics that I enjoyed the most, which led me to pursue a graduate degree. The math courses I took at Saint Michael’s provided a strong mathematical foundation when I entered graduate school. The mathematical education I received at Saint Michael’s helped me in my graduate school courses, but the analytical skills I developed have proven to be an invaluable asset at my job. I don’t necessarily use math or statistics for every given problem, but I have to solve problems constantly. I completed my MS in Statistics at UVM in 2010.

Jordan Scampoli '08

jordan scampoli

I am a Senior Pricing Analyst with Level 3 Communications, a global network services provider with one of the largest IP transit networks in North America and Europe. As an analyst, I have been primarily responsible for data mining and analysis, as well as delivering reporting to stakeholders from the analyst level through the Board of Directors on the projects our team has undertaken. I am frequently called upon to develop, mine and produce ad hoc analyses and reports for the myriad of complex global products and internal business operations our team consults on.

My math and economics coursework from St. Mike's taught me both analytic and statistical skills that I use every day, but more than that, it instilled in me an appreciation of digging into a topic. Having a strong quantitative background has been invaluable. Even with no work experience, a math degree shows a potential employer that you have a strong ability to understand and digest complex ideas. Going to St. Mike's also ensured I had a healthy work/life balance, and I try to spend as much time mountain biking and exploring Colorado’s backcountry as I can.

Maureen Burgess Coccaro '03

maureen coccaro

I am currently a Lead Data Analyst at Wellpoint Inc. in North Haven, CT. I am working in the Center of Excellence in Transplants, Bariatric, Cardiac and Complex Cancers Division. This division researches and sets guidelines for Transplant, Cardiac, Bariatric and Complex Cancer Facilities and Hospitals across the country for all Wellpoint, Inc. owned Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shields. We use statistical regression modeling to analyze the success rates of transplant surgeries, Bariatric surgeries, Cardiac surgeries and complex cancer treatments in quality designated facilities versus non-designated facilities. Based on this analysis Wellpoint negotiates contract rates at each quality designated facility for each of these specific procedures. I think many people have a negative perception of the Health Insurance Industry. This is an example of Wellpoint (Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield) improving the care people receive.

I am in the process of completing my MBA at UConn School of Business.

More than anything my Saint Michael's Math degree provided me with a strong analytical and quantitative background. This background opens doors in many different ways. It shows you have the ability to learn complex topics, which is an asset to many industries and therefore beneficial in any career.

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