Doctor of Pharmacy Program (Albany College of Pharmacy)

doctor of parmacy

Saint Michael's College has a special agreement with the Doctor of Pharmacy program at the Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, which has a campus nearby in Colchester.

The ACPHS Doctor of Pharmacy Program is a full-time, four-year program.  However, a student who successfully completes the Saint Michael’s Pre-Pharmacy major can complete their SMC degree and begin the ACPHS program during the fourth undergraduate year, thereby reducing the total time to earn the Doctor of Pharmacy degree from eight years to seven. 

If you'd like additional program information or have questions, please contact Dr. Shane Lamos at

Through this agreement, the ACPHS Doctor of Pharmacy program (PharmD) assures admission each year to ten qualified Saint Michael's College students who have met the following course requirements, and who have surpassed ACPHS's PCAT threshold.

  1. Completion of at least 60 credits at Saint Michael's with an overall minimum GPA of 3.0 (only grades of C or above will count towards the 60 credits)
  2. Completion of the following required Pre-pharmacy courses at Saint Michael's College:
    • Liberal Studies Curriculum requirements
    • BI 151 - Introduction to Ecology and Evolution
    • BI 153 - Introductory Cell Biology and Genetics
    • BI 205 - Communications in the Biological Sciences
    • BI 230 - General Microbiology
    • BI 315 - Microbiology
    • One additional Biology course at 200 level or higher
    • CH 110 - General Chemistry I
    • CH 117 - Organic Chemistry I
    • CH 207 - Organic Chemistry II
    • CH 208 - General Chemistry II
    • MA 120 - Statistics
    • MA 150 - Calculus I 
    • PY 210/211 - College Physics or PY 220/221 - General Physics
    • PS 101 - General Psychology
  3. Completion of the interview at ACPHS
  4. Completion of the writing assessment
  5. Completion of the PCAT

Students who begin the ACPHS first-year Professional program after three years at SMC will be considered SMC students until they complete all requirements for the SMC degree/major. Once students are admitted to ACPHS, they also become ACPHS students for the remainder of their degree program. For the first three years the host institution will be SMC, and for the last four years the host institution will be ACPHS. Tuition and fees will be paid to the host institution according to its normal policies, including financial aid, etc. For more information see ACPHS Financial Aid. For specific information about financing the first year of the ACPHS professional program see Doctor of Pharmacy: First Professional Year.

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