Psychology in 10...

1. Learn Psychology from A to Z

The psychology major at Saint Michael's introduces you to a wide variety of specialty areas within the field. Our faculty includes experts on such diverse areas as developmental psychology, substance dependence, health psychology, psychotherapy, and virtual reality.

2. Practice through Practicum

Our Practicum program is a unique internship opportunity spanning the fall and spring semesters. Practicum combines classroom work with 8-10 hours of work a week at a local community agency. The two-semester commitment affords the agencies the ability to give students greater client responsibility and a more in-depth service experience. Some of the sites our students intern at include:

  • Rockpoint (an alternative high school)
  • Day One (an outpatient alcohol/drug treatment program)
  • The Howard Center (Comprehensive Care Program)
  • Winooski School District (Middle and High School)
  • Cathedral Square (assisted living for seniors)
  • Woodside (a juvenile correctional institution)
  • Outright Vermont (support services for LGBTQA youth)
  • Steps to End Domestic Violence

3. Conduct Research

Research experiences are available in a variety of forms and settings. Opportunities are available to work with faculty on projects in areas such as prosocial/helping behavior, marriage and relationships, cognitive illusions and biases, chronic and acute effects of stress, impulsivity, addiction, geographic navigation, and cross-cultural studies.

4. Work in Multiple Lab Facilities

We have three different laboratories: an Observational Lab, Animal Lab, and Psychophysiology/Virtual Reality Lab.

5. Present Your Research

Saint Michael’s psychology students present their research at professional meetings and conferences such as: the American Psychological Association's national meeting, regional meetings of the Eastern Psychological Association and the New England Psychological Association, and at a conference held at NASA.

6. Gain Valuable Knowledge for the Future

Many of our graduates enter into various psychology fields including clinical, cognitive or experimental; counseling; developmental, educational or school; industrial or organizational, physiological, and social.

7. Go for a Master's in Clinical Psychology

In addition to the undergraduate psychology program, Saint Michael's offers a master's degree in Clinical Psychology. Opportunities are available for advanced undergraduate students to take courses in the graduate program and to earn credits toward their graduate studies.

8. Learn from Scholars

Our professors have published books and articles in a variety of leading scholarly journals.

9. Become Inducted as a Member of Psi Chi

Psi Chi, the national honor society for psychology, has a chapter at Saint Michael's. Membership is open to graduate and undergraduate students who have completed at least 4 semesters and 16 semester hours in psychology, with a minimum 3.5 GPA overall, and a 3.6 GPA in psychology. Highly motivated students may request a waiver of the GPA guidelines in exceptional circumstances and with a letter of sponsorship from a full-time faculty member of the psychology department at Saint Michael's College.

10. Participate in the Psychology Club

Our Psychology Club provides all students with opportunities to learn more about psychology. The club sponsors educational workshops which cover a wide variety of topics ranging from "what do school counselors do and how do you become one?" to "NGI – not guilty by reason of insanity - who determines this?" The student-run club raises money to support causes in areas such as autism research.

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