Senior Theses

Every Religious Studies major at Saint Michael's works individually with a faculty member to complete a senior thesis as a summation of their studies in the department.

 Class of 2017
 Alyssa Adamsen Religious Identity and Public Schools: The Immigrant Experience (Advisor: Patterson)
Miriam Pritschet Room for Response: An Analysis pf the Interaction of Free Choice and Grace in Aquinas (Advisor: Kenney)


 Class of 2016
Victoria Barnum Allusions to Islam: Past and Present Orientalism in American visual Culture (Advisor: Jalalzai)
Chris Bartolotta The Rule of Saint Benedict and its Predecessors: Augustine, John Cassian, and The Rule of the Master (Advisor: Kenney)
Kristen Beaulieu
Central Themes in the Social Teachings of Saint John Paul II (Advisor: Mahoney)
Sarah Carilo A Place for Religion in the Public Elementary Classroom: Teaching about Religion and an Analysis of a Multicultural Approach (Advisor: Patterson)
Eva Chavez
The New Liberation Theology: An Analysis of the Thought of Jung Mo Sung (Advisor: Byrne)
Emma Kalamarides
Educating Catholics:  A Look into Three Catechetical Textbook Series Through a Vatican II Lens (Advisor: Mahoney)


Class of 2015

Darcy Andrade Vatican Diplomacy and the Nazi Regime: An analysis of key controversies regarding the actions of the Catholic Church during the Shoah   (Advisor: Byrne)
Jackie Dunn A Buddhist Approach to Health Care (Advisor: Kroger)
Lauren Murphy Religious Pluralism in NYC: Interfaith Models of Cooperation (Advisor: Patterson)
Tim Nagy Passio Passiva: Bonhoeffer on the Role of Suffering in Discipleship (Advisor: Patterson)
Allie Nicolai Modernity’s Warped Mirror:  Radical Islam and Western Values (Advisor: Byrne)
Sarah Tarr  Celestial Beings: Early Christian Angelology (Advisor: Kenney)

Class of 2014

Tara Arcury (AM)  From Selma to Nuns on the Bus: Women Religious, Social Activism, and American Public Perception (Advisor: Patterson)
Danielle Baroudi Savages in the Promised Land: Colonial Puritans and the Application of Chosen Status (Advisor: Byrne)
Brooke Connor Vatican II and the Roman Catholic approach to Interfaith Marriage: Theologies of Conscience and the Domestic Church (Advisor: Patterson)
Adam Perea-Kane The Historical Emergence of Aristotelianism as a Discourse of Religious Power at the Boundaries of Late Antiquity: Knowledge and Legitimacy for East-Syriac Christianity (Advisor: Kenney)
Amy Wilson Veiled Monuments: Occupation and Conversion in Turkey’s Sacred Spaces (Advisor: Byrne)

Class of 2013

Carly Allen  Averroes and Aquinas on Reason and Revelation (Advisor: Kroger) 
Janet Bazzell Rise of Christianity and the Roman Games (Advisor: Trumbower)
Casey Bonoyer The Lily of the Mohawks: The Life and Devotions of Kateri Tekakwitha (Advisor: Patterson)
Nate Bowe That Which Breaks to Pieces: The Conception of Hell in Classical Islam (Advisor: Ivanyi)
Michael O’Neill Time Crisis: Contemplating the Theological Implications of St. Augustine's Understanding of Time in the “Confessions” (Advisor: Kenney)
Tracy Peterka (AM)  Making America Catholic: Catholic Evangelization in Mainstream America, Past and Present (Advisor: Patterson)
Dylan Renca Faith, Culture, and the Challenge of Inculturation: An Indonesian Case Study (Advisor: Byrne)
Daniel Tolan Systematizing Hesychastic Theology:  The Theology of Gregory Palamas as Provided in the “Triads” (Advisor: Kenney)

Class of 2012

Erica Begin Sex and Religion: A Comparative Analysis of Common Themes Found in Greek Hellenistic Romances and the Apocryphal Acts (Advisor: Trumbower)
Michael Carter A Bishop at Empire’s End: St. Sidonius and the Birth of the Middle Ages (Advisor: Kenney)
Brittany Cocozza A Comparison of Buddhist and Christian Monasticism (Advisor: Kroger)
Daniela Dinardo Nichiren Buddhism: An Examination of Ultranationalist Tendencies (Advisor: Kroger)
Benjamin Granja American Catholic Reactions to Foreign Policy during the Great War, the Mexican Revolution, and the Spanish Civil War (Advisor: Patterson)
Maggie Lund Matters of the Heart(Sutra): Buddhism as a Solution to the Problem of Language in Religion (Advisor: Kroger)
Kim Marchetti Catholic Attitudes Toward Psychology and Their Effect on the Development of Pastoral Counseling (Advisor: Mahoney)
Abigail Miller Catholic Attitudes Towards and Involvement in Race Relations and Civil Rights (Advisor: Patterson)
John O’Connor What to do?: A Buddhist Perspective of Consumerism (Advisor: Kroger)
Charles Pitt Satan in Early Christian Literary Imagination (Advisor: Saint-Laurent)
Patrick Rice An Analysis of the Saint Joseph’s Hospital Case (Advisor: Mahoney)
Brittany Richardson Redefining Gender Roles: Women, Dress, and Hagiography (Advisor: Saint-Laurent)
Samantha White The Church of the East: The History, Hagiography, and Doctrine of the Christians of Ancient Iran and Iraq (Advisor: Saint-Laurent)

Class of 2011

Maura Baxter Impending Doom: An Analysis of Apocalyptic New Religious Movements (Advisor: Byrne)
Katelyn Enos The Impossibility of Religious Toleration without True Understanding: “Islamic Terrorism” and the U.S. Media since “9/11”. (Advisor: Saint-Laurent)
Kimberly Foster Peripheral Monasticism: A Comparison of Celtic and Palestinian Asceticism (Advisor: Saint-Laurent)
Emily Heney How Green is Death?: An Examination of Funerary Practices through the History of Christianity (Advisor: Mahoney)
Sheila Leary The Law of Karma and Christian Morality: Attuned or Contradictory? (Advisor: Kroger)
Emily Pigeon Religion and Education in Canada: A Comparative Analysis of Shifting Models (Advisor: Patterson)
Elizabeth Siekman (AM) Catholic Habits and Muslim Veils: Popular Reaction to Women's Religious Dress in 19th and 20th Century America (Advisor: Patterson)
Heather Simson The Return of the Demonic: Exorcisms in the Modern Catholic Church (Advisor: Byrne)
Courtney Smith (’12) “In Adam's fall we sinned all”: Puritan Theology in Early American Children's Literature (Advisor: Patterson)
Jaclyn Thurnauer America's Religion: The Initial Appeal and Esotericism of Early Mormonism (Advisor: Trumbower)
Julia Trombly ¡Celebramos!: Trends of Hispanic/Latino Catholicism in the U.S (Advisor: Kroger)

Class of 2010

Chelsea Beauregard  Spirituality from the Margins: Julian of Norwich and Gustavo Gutierrez (Advisor: Kroger) 
Kathleen Clemente The Chinese House Church Movement (Advisor: Byrne)
Kathryn Daigle A Theological Perspective of the Relationship between Church and State (Advisor: Mahoney)
Jolie Frechette Parallel Devotions in the third century: A Comparative Study of Origen and the Mishnah (Advisor: Trumbower)
Hayden Livesay The Traitor: The Lost Gospel of Judas Iscariot (Advisor: Trumbower)
Keya Patten The Book of Revelation and Apocalyptic in the American Religious Experience (Advisor: Byrne)
Julie Relyea (’11) "Tathagata-garbha” & “Anonymous Christianity”: Buddhist & Christian Theories of Human Nature that Universalize Salvation (Advisor: Kroger)
Matthew Sjoblom The Rise of Catholic Conscientious Objection in late 20th century America  (Advisor: Patterson)
David Spatcher In Pursuit of the One: From Plotinus to Augustine (Advisor: Kenney)
Gregory Tatro The Historical Jesus: Was His Message Apocalyptic: The Critical Question that Divides the Field (Advisor: Rhodes)

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