Sample Four Year Plan for Theatre Majors in the Classes of 2020 and 2022

First Year
Fall Spring
TH 101 Life in the Theatre  TH 209 Stagecrafts
TH 161 Theatre Lab: Scenery, Lights, Painting* TH 273 Stage Management Practicum 
TH 207 Acting Techniques Liberal Studies courses
First Year Seminar
  Liberal Studies course    
Fall Spring
TH 162 Theatre Lab: Costumes* TH 211 Costume Crafts
TH 273  Stage Management Practicum TH 301 Western Theatre History from Aeschylus to Zannis
TH 303   Contemporary Theatre    Liberal Studies courses 
Liberal Studies courses Elective
Fall Spring
TH 163  Theatre Lab: Scenery, Lights, Run Crew*  TH 302 Moliere to Modern Drama 
TH 309 Directing Theatre electives 
  Junior Seminar    Electives 
Fall Spring
Theatre electives  TH 410 Theatre Senior Seminar
Electives Theatre electives

This is just one of many possible paths to fulfilling the requirements for a Theatre major.  Your faculty advisor will work with you to select courses that match your interests and career goals.

* Theatre Lab courses may be taken in any order and can be repeated for credit with permission of the instructor.

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