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Flexible, anywhere learning: December 16th, 2019 - January 10th, 2020

A few days off will be allocated into the schedule to celebrate the Christmas holiday

Saint Michael’s College Graduate Education is pleased to offer a 4-week, 3-credit 100% online winter session course.

The Winter Session at Saint Michael’s College builds on our successful summer program, where we have built a quality, online learning experience that provides you with the flexibility to learn anywhere and at any time. Faculty are continuously supported in developing an online experience and learning community that engages you and ensures your success.

The cost for this course is $1860 ($620/credit). An additional fee will be added to your student account for course materials and content. Please refer to our Policies Document for more information.

Course Information

GED 526: Transforming Teaching and Learning through Mindfulness and Restorative Practices – Professor Annie O’Shaughnessy

This course was developed based on the premise that most teachers and students want to be part of a learning community where students feel:

  • focused and relaxed
  • connected and respected
  • engaged, curious and excited to learn
  • safe to take risks and speak authentically
  • supported to begin again after failure
  • challenged and willing to stretch their abilities

In this course we will explore mindfulness and restorative practices as foundation and interdependent practices central to developing this kind of vital learning community. Online material and assignments will challenge participants to become fluent in the principles, science and research that support them. Emphasis is placed on each student’s unique goals and teaching styles, providing structure, resources and support for the tricky, often challenging work of teaching content while building community and attending to the social and emotional needs of students. Finally, participants will experience the power of mindfulness and restorative practices as tools within a reflective practice, looking closely together at our teaching and personal lives.

Restorative practices and mindfulness can be seen as interdependent. In a classroom where a teacher practices mindfulness, an environment of compassionate curiosity arises. From this compassionate curiosity a different way of responding to challenging situations and unexpected behaviors arises—externally and internally. This “different way” essentially expresses the basic principles of restorative practices: open and authentic communication with the goal of building relationships, developing trust and equity, learning from mistakes and repairing the harm done, and strengthening community. Further, the success of Restorative Practices depends on a teacher’s ability to remain a grounded, mindful, nonjudgmental presence while students develop the skills of relaxed, curious focus—both of which mindfulness provides.

If you are an undergraduate Saint Michael’s College student seeking to participate in this course, you must be a Junior or Senior Education major in good standing (3.0 GPA). As an undergraduate, this will be a 4-credit course and you will pay $425/credit.