Cross Registration Opportunities

Saint Michael’s College, Champlain College, and the University of Vermont have formed a partnership that allows undergraduate degree-seeking students in good standing to enhance their educational program by taking classes at the partner institutions as part of their regular course load. This agreement applies only to classroom courses offered during the academic year, and not to summer session or online courses.

Cross registrations are accepted on a space available basis only. Available spaces will be determined by each institution at the completion of their main registration periods, late November for spring semester classes, and late April for fall classes.

Courses at the University of Vermont are limited to selections from the Studio Art, Art History, and Language class offerings.

Cross-registrations are limited to one course per student per term.

Eligible students must be undergraduate degree-seeking students with a minimum enrollment status of three-quarter time (including the cross registration course).

For courses completed at Champlain College: The home institution (SMC) receives the tuition and awards the academic credits for its own students. All credit earned through this cross-registration agreement, including “D” work, may be applied toward residency and other degree requirements.  Champlain College posts course offerings at:

For courses completed at the University of Vermont: The home institution (SMC) receives the tuition.  The host institution (UVM) will issue the academic credit.  These credits will be treated as transfer credit, and an official transcript must be sent to the home institution upon completion of the coursework.  Per the transfer credit policy of Saint Michael's College, academic credit will be awarded only for coursework earning a final grade of C minus or better.  The University of Vermont posts course offerings at:

While there are no special registration fees charged to participate in the cross-registration process, individual students will be responsible for any normally assigned course fees. Students shall be reminded of such fees at the time of registration. The registration process will not be completed until arrangements for payment have been satisfied by the respective finance office.

Students will observe all regulations in effect at the host institution during the term in which they are enrolled including, but not limited to, academic integrity policies, calendar deadlines and procedures for withdrawing from classes.

Under the agreement, Saint Michael's College students registering at Champlain College or the University of Vermont must complete the cross registration form as part of the registration process. This can be done in-person, via fax or sent via email with the pdf document attached.

Students will need to make arrangements for parking privileges with the host institution and pay any associated fees.

Please contact the Registrar’s Office for further information. Saint Michael's College students call 802.654.2571 or visit Founders Hall, Room 112.  

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