SMC - Rice High School Partnership for Advanced Learning (PAL) Program

Saint Michael’s College and Rice Memorial High School in South Burlington, Vermont, have established a partnership that enables students at Rice to take courses at Saint Michael’s in their senior year.  This arrangement, called the Partnership for Advanced Learning (PAL), will gain students college credits in courses that also count toward their high school graduation requirements.

Through the PAL Program students may take one course per semester in the senior year (excluding the summer after graduation from Rice); students in the junior class may be given permission to participate in the program by exception when warranted.

Selection for participation in the PAL Program is competitive.  Generally speaking, students approved for the program will have an overall grade average at Rice of 93 or better and a satisfactory disciplinary record, and will have successfully completed all of the Rice course offerings in the academic discipline in which they wish to take a course at Saint Michael’s.  Students apply for the program through the guidance department at Rice.

Tuition per credit in the PAL Program is set at the per-credit rate for in-state students at the Community College of Vermont.   In the Fall and Spring semester, Rice High School pays for one-half of the tuition and students pay for one-half.  In the Summer session, the students are responsible for the entire tuition.  Students are also responsible for transportation, any laboratory fees, books and supplies.

Class schedules at Saint Michael’s are normally published in mid-March for the fall semester and in mid-October for the spring semester. There’s a link to class schedules here.  For course descriptions consult the college catalog.

The forms required for participation in the PAL Program are the Rice High School application form (available at the guidance office at Rice), and, after the application is approved at Rice, the registration form for Saint Michael’s.

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