Records and Transcripts

Requesting Transcripts

This page has information on how to order copies of student transcripts and a link to the transcript request form. more


Students and former students who need verification of their enrollment status at the college or of degrees awarded will find information here. more


Students attending college under the GI Bill follow a special enrollment certification process established by the Department of Veteran’s Affairs.  Go to this page for information. more


There is information here about the process for acquiring a replacement diploma. more


An apostille is a stamp or seal verifying the authenticity of an official document. Students and former students working in foreign countries may need this kind of authentication for their Saint Michael’s credentials. more


The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal law that insures that students have access to their educational records, and it requires that educational institutions protect the privacy of those records. more


This page, intended for faculty and staff (including student workers), discusses good practice in handling confidential student information. more

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