Meet Our Tour Guides

Becoming a tour guide at Saint Michael’s is a competitive process. Only a fraction of the students who interview for the job receive the honor of showing prospective students and their families around campus.

During the academic year, we have approximately 50 active tour guides. During summer, we have a smaller staff. Feel free to contact any of our tour guides with your questions about Saint Michael’s – they are always happy to help.

Abby French '20

Abby French ’20
Nashua, NH
Majors: Environmental Sci., Political Sci.
Meet Abby

Alexyah Dethvongsa '22

Alexyah Dethvongsa ’22
Laconia, NH
Major: Political Science
Meet Alexyah

Andrew Jones '22

Andrew Jones ’22
Monroe, CT
Major: Information Systems
Meet Andrew

Anna Bilotti '22

Anna Bilotti ’22
Monson, MA
Majors: Secondary Ed., Psychology
Meet Anna

Anthony Baiungo '20

Anthony Baiungo ’20
North Attleboro, MA
Major: Biology
Meet Anthony

Ashley McCormick '21

Ashley McCormick ’21
Queensbury, NY
Major: Biology
Meet Ashley

Bethany Schlott '21

Bethany Schlott ’21
Milton, DE
Major: Business
Meet Bethany

Brandon Mitchell '21

Brandon Mitchell ’21
North Scituate, RI
Majors: Business, Accounting
Meet Brandon

Brenna Broderick '20

Brenna Broderick ’20
Bridgewater, MA
Major: Political Science
Meet Brenna

Brennan Foley '20

Brennan Foley ’20
Middlefield, MA
Majors: Economics, Elementary Ed.
Meet Brennan

Cameron Shippee '20

Cameron Shippee ’20
Lakeville, MA
Majors: Music, Spanish
Meet Cameron

Camie Rediker '22

Camie Rediker ’22
Hartland, VT
Major: Neuroscience
Meet Camie

Cana Courtney '21

Cana Courtney ’21
Edgartown, MA
Majors: Psychology, Elementary Ed.
Meet Cana

Celeste Matte '22

Celeste Matte ’22
Stratford, CT
Majors: Elem. Ed., Studio Art
Meet Celeste

Elizabeth Donzello-Jewett '22

Elizabeth Donzello-Jewett ’22
Chichester, NH
Major: Biology
Meet Elizabeth

Elizabeth Lopez '20

Elizabeth Lopez ’20
Lompoc, CA
Majors: Psychology, Religious Studies
Meet Elizabeth

Elly McKenna '22

Elly McKenna ’22
Lowell, MA
Majors: MJD, Spanish
Meet Elly

Emily Krumm '22

Emily Krumm ’22
Cornwall, NY
Major: Exploratory
Meet Emily

Emma Shortall '21

Emma Shortall ’21
Norwell, MA
Major: MJD
Meet Emma

Emmalene Gabriel '21

Emmalene Gabriel ’21
Bennington, VT
Major: Psychology
Meet Emmalene

Erin LaMarca '21

Erin LaMarca ’21
Raynham, MA
Majors: History, Secondary Ed.
Meet Erin

Francesca D'Elia '20

Francesca D’Elia ’20
Jeffersonville, VT
Major: Business
Meet Francesca

Hannah Finnegan '21

Hannah Finnegan ’21
Moultenborough, NH
Major: Exploratory
Meet Hannah

Hannah Roque '21

Hannah Roque ’21
Middlebury, VT
Majors: English, Secondary Ed.
Meet Hannah

Hannah Skibitski '20

Hannah Skibitski ’20
Rome, NY
Major: Psychology, Education
Meet Hannah

Hattie Wilczewski '20

Hattie Wilczewski ’20
Old Lyme, CT
Major: Mathematics
Meet Hattie

Hayley Jensen '22

Hayley Jensen ’22
Washingtonville, NY
Major: International Relations
Meet Hayley

James Downs '22

James Downs ’22
Winchester, MA
Majors: History, Secondary Ed.
Meet James

Jessica Cordatos '21

Jessica Cordatos ’21
Colchester, CT
Majors: Exploratory, Elem. Ed.
Meet Jessica

Julyanice Cruz '22

Julyanice Cruz ’22
Trujillo Alto, PR
Major: Environmental Engineering
Meet Julyanice

Katherine Lynch '21

Katherine Lynch ’21
Rumford, RI
Major: History
Meet Katherine

Katie Merchat '20

Katie Merchat ’20
Landstuhl, Germany (DE)
Majors: Psychology, Elementary Ed.
Meet Katie

Katie Ort '20

Katie Ort ’20
Hillsboro, NH
Major: Theatre
Meet Katie

Katie Valle '20

Katie Valle ’20
Weston, MA
Majors: Spanish, Secondary Ed.
Meet Katie

Kayla Pultz '20

Kayla Pultz ’20
Mashpee, MA
Major: Elementary Ed., Psychology
Meet Kayla

Kelli Thornhill '20

Kelli Thornhill ’20
Nashua, NH
Majors: English, Secondary Ed.
Meet Kelli

Kelsey Nudd '20

Kelsey Nudd ’20
Duxbury, MA
Majors: Secondary Ed., Mathematics
Meet Kelsey

Kevin Dalton '20

Kevin Dalton ’20
Stoneham, MA
Majors: English, Secondary Ed.
Meet Kevin

Lauren Ivers '20

Lauren Ivers ’20
Franklin, MA
Major: Biology
Meet Lauren

Lauren Dunn '20

Lauren Dunn ’20
Truckee, CA
Major: Biology
Meet Lauren

Lillian Denslow '22

Lillian Denslow ’22
Washington, NH
Majors: History, Int’l Relations
Meet Lillian

Madison Newman '20

Madison Newman ’20
Belchertown, MA
Majors: English, Secondary Ed.
Meet Madison

Mara Brooks '22

Mara Brooks ’22
Chester, NH
Majors: English, Secondary Ed.
Meet Mara

Mariah Mansur '21

Mariah Mansur ’21
Methuen, MA
Major: Neuroscience
Meet Mariah

Marissa Blake '20

Marissa Blake ’20
Albany, NY
Major: Computer Science
Meet Marissa

Meg Geschwind '21

Meg Geschwind ’21
Rochester, MN
Major: Psychology
Meet Meg

Megan Kain '20

Megan Kain ’20
Beverly, MA
Major: Neuroscience
Meet Megan

Molly Crafts '21

Molly Crafts ’21
Everett, MA
Majors: Music, Education Studies
Meet Molly

Morgan Zifchak '20

Morgan Zifchak ’20
Amherst, NH
Majors: Elem. Ed., Mathematics
Meet Morgan

Nell Criscione '20

Nell Criscione ’20
Boxford, MA
Majors: American Studies, Elem. Ed.
Meet Nell

Rachel High '20

Rachel High ’20
Cincinnati, OH
Major: Biology
Meet Rachel

Regan Ugalde '20

Regan Ugalde ’20
Colchester, VT
Major: Psychology
Meet Regan

Samantha Rossi '20

Samantha Rossi ’20
Fairfield, CT
Major: Psychology
Meet Samantha

Shane Coughlin '21

Shane Coughlin ’21
Hudson, NH
Majors: Philosophy, Political Sci.
Meet Shane

Shayna Guild '20

Shayna Guild ’20
Williamstown, VT
Majors: English, Elementary Ed.
Meet Shayna

Sophia Bates '20

Sophia Bates ’20
North Haven, CT
Majors: History, Secondary Ed.
Meet Sophia

Sophia D'Angelo '20

Sophia D’Angelo ’20
Northborough, MA
Major: Biology
Meet Sophia

Sophie Lizotte '20

Sophie Lizotte ’20
New London, NH
Majors: Theatre, Elem. Ed.
Meet Sophie

Sullivan Miele '20

Sullivan Miele ’20
Ludlow, VT
Major: Business
Meet Sullivan

Talia Torkomian '21

Talia Torkomian ’21
Lincoln, RI
Major: Biology
Meet Talia