The Saint Michael’s Promise

We are committed to doing everything we can to prepare you for a lifetime of success and fulfillment after you graduate from Saint Michael's. Whether you are planning to continue your studies in graduate school or enter the job market directly after graduation, we have dedicated resources, programs, and people who will work with you to help ensure that transition is successful. A fundamental key to that success, is your sense of fulfillment—whether you are making a difference in the world and improving the lives of others. It is part of the St. Mike’s ethos and what the world needs more of—graduates who are equipped to do well and driven to do good. 

Our promise to you to help you achieve your goals includes providing:

A Career Mentor on Day One

Actually, even before you arrive on campus you will be assigned a Career Mentor who will work with you throughout your years at St. Mike’s. You will meet with them regularly to review your progress through the Career Readiness Program, and to be sure you are as ready as you can be to enter the job market or head to grad school after graduation. Don’t be surprised if they reach out to you before you arrive on campus!

Practical, Real-World Experiences

To enhance your liberal arts education, which will serve you over a lifetime of jobs and career changes, you will partake in experiences that will develop practical skills and knowledge that you can apply to the workplace immediately. Some of these experiences include pursuing an Undergraduate Professional Endorsement, completing a valuable practicum or internship, or working closely with your faculty on important research.

Alumni Mentors

St. Mike’s alumni are dedicated to the institution, but more importantly, dedicated to the future success of students like you. As a fully residential campus, with an extensive culture of caring and support, St. Mike’s students and alumni have closer ties to one another. Our highly engaged and supportive alumni network truly spans the world. As a student here, you will be connected to a successful alum in your area of interest who can help coach and advise you about your field—helping you navigate your career path and opening doors to broader networks. Learn more about our alumni.

Meaningful Service Work

Informed by Catholic social teaching, students from every background and faith on campus take part in life-changing service work. You will foster deep bonds with your fellow students on service trips or working with local organizations helping members of the community and surrounding areas. You can even work with fellow students, faculty or staff and start your own organization to serve others, as some of our recent alumni have done. These meaningful service opportunities will help you set a course for a lifetime of “doing good” for others. Learn more about our MOVE program (Mobilization of Volunteer Efforts).

The “Fine Print”

As you might expect, we make this promise to you, but we also have certain expectations of you that are critical to our being able to fulfil this promise. These include:  

  • Taking advantage of these opportunities that are presented to you.
  • Remaining in good academic, disciplinary, and financial standing every term.
  • Meeting all requirements for a practicum, internship, or research as defined by the College catalog.
  • Meeting with a career coach at least twice in the second semester of the sophomore year, and again in the first semester of the junior year to actively pursue a practicum, internship, research, or UPE  experience, and accept/participate in that opportunity.