Admission FAQs

Where is Saint Michael's? What's the area like?

We are in the town of Colchester, just outside Burlington, Vermont's biggest city. Our 450-acre campus is just three hours from Boston and 90 minutes from Montreal.

Burlington is a beautiful college town with a vibrant downtown filled with shops, restaurants, live music, parks and beaches. The small city of Winooski is just down the hill from campus with an attractive riverfront and popular restaurants. Northern Vermont's natural beauty surrounds campus, with mountain views, gorges, rivers, Lake Champlain and ski resorts all close by.

What is the weather like?

Vermont has four distinct seasons. When you arrive on campus at the end of August for the start of your first year, it will still be fairly warm, in the 70s and low 80s. In autumn, we average around 55 degrees during the day. The winters here are cold, snowy, and beautiful, so don't forget your jacket and boots, as we average in the 20s during the winter months. Spring can be cool and wet but there are also many mild, sunny days. In Vermont, when the temperature goes over 40, students put on t-shirts and shorts. Really!

Do professors have open office hours?

Yes, our professors are required to have office hours during the week. If you find that your schedule conflicts with these hours, our professors are often able to set up a meeting time outside of their designated office hours.

Is the campus safe?

Vermont is a very safe state, and St. Mike's campus extremely safe. Our Public Safety officers are on duty 24-7 and are a constant presence. We also have Emergency Blue Lights set up at designated spots, so you are never far from being able to call for help if you need it. Because of the sense of community we have at St. Mike's, you are never far from someone you know.

How does Saint Michael's handle AP credits? Will college credits that I earn during high school transfer to Saint Michael's?

If you have taken accelerated courses in high school and have scored 3 or above on the Advanced Placement examination administered by the College Board, you will be considered for credit and/or a course waiver. However, the majority of our departments require a score of 4 or better. View the AP credit score list.

Saint Michael's College will generally accept transfer credit for any broad-based/survey course for which a student earns a C- or better. 

Are most students Catholic? Are there any mandatory religious classes/Mass?

Saint Michael's is welcoming to students of all faiths as well as those without a religious practice. We don't require our students to specify their religious preference; however, campus surveys indicate that slightly more than 50% of our students are Catholic. Another 25% of our students indicate a religious preference other than Catholic.

There are opportunities to participate in religious activities for many denominations in the Burlington area. Liturgies in the Chapel of Saint Michael the Archangel are open to all. Saint Michael's has an active Campus Ministry Program with a particular emphasis on social justice issues and volunteer work.

Although there are many religious activities on campus, there is no pressure to participate.

As part of our Liberal Studies Curriculum, students are required to take two courses in Christian Traditions and Thought. Both of these courses are College-level academic courses which do not require or expect any particular religious affiliation. The first course is a Religious Studies course in the general study of Christianity and the second, more specialized, course is chosen by the student from a list of qualifying Religious Studies or Philosophy courses.

Do I have a choice of submitting my test scores?

Submitting test scores is optional. An application will be approached in the same way, regardless of whether or not test scores are submitted. Applicants will be asked if they wish to have their test scores considered. If they do, their SAT/ACT scores will be used in the admission process as one of several factors. Note: Applicants who want to be considered for our most selective academic scholarships are encouraged to submit scores.

If you submit test scores, we prefer to receive the official score report although we will accept scores listed on a high school transcript. If you submit scores from multiple tests or administrations, we will always consider the best scores from all test results submitted in review of your application.

We will also consider the ACT in lieu of the SAT. While each administration of the SAT includes the writing test, the writing portion of the ACT is optional. If you are planning to submit the ACT to Saint Michael's, you must take the writing portion of the exam. However, if you plan to submit SAT scores with writing and wish to attempt the ACT, you will not be required to take the writing portion of the ACT.

What is a typical St. Mike's student like?

A typical St. Mike's student has graduated in the top 25% of their high school class. The majority of our students are from New England and the Mid-Atlantic states, although a growing number come from other states and from countries around the world.

A typical St. Mike's student:

  • will participate in a club or organization on campus. Over 70% of students participate in volunteer programs with MOVE
  • will either study abroad or have an internship and will formulate a thesis paper for their major
  • will ski or ride at Sugarbush with our Ski and Ride Pass and visit the Flynn Performing Arts Center for a live show
  • will live on campus all four years in dorm, suite, or apartment-style housing
  • likes to learn and to have fun, and loves St. Mike's!
  • will learn and grow as a human being and make lifelong friends

Other than skiing, what do students do for fun?

There is so much to do at St. Mike's that you'll keep yourself busy even if you're not a skier. Our students have low-cost access to the shows at the Flynn Performing Arts Center; they volunteer; go downtown; join clubs and theater production; play intramural sports; explore with the Adventure Sports Center or serve in the Student Association.

How much is tuition and does that include room and board and other fees?

Please visit Student Financial Services for information about tuition, room and board, and other fees.

What is the average amount of financial aid and scholarships?

Percentage of students receiving need-based aid: over 90%
Average student loan debt for the class of 2016 (Federal and Private loans): $26,840

Saint Michael's offers competitive merit scholarships that are based on academic achievement and promise. Scholarships range from $1,000 to full tuition. All accepted students who meet minimum academic criteria will automatically be considered for competitive merit scholarships. These are limited in number.

Use either our First Year Net Price Calculator or our Transfer Net Price Calculator to get an estimate of your financial aid package.

What is the Saint Michael's Book Award?

The Saint Michael's College Book Award for Academic Achievement with a Social Conscience recognizes high school juniors who exhibit the characteristics of an ideal Saint Michael's student. Award nominations are submitted by school guidance counselors, based on academic success in the high school's most rigorous curriculum, membership in National Honors Society or an equivalent program, and a demonstrated commitment to social justice issues through leadership, community service, and a genuine concern for others. Over 1,000 high schools participate and almost 2,000 students are nominated annually. Winners of the book award are eligible for a scholarship ranging from $13,000 to full tuition.

How does the 3+2 engineering program work?

Saint Michael's offers two 3+2 engineering programs, one with the University of Vermont and one with Clarkson University.

Both programs begin with mathematics and laboratory science courses at Saint Michael's, where you'll have access to your professor in the classroom as well as the lab. When you transfer to either UVM or Clarkson you'll focus on the engineering aspect of your curriculum.

While these programs each take five years to finish, you do receive two college degrees: a BA from Saint Michael's and a BS degree in engineering from the university you attend.

When you apply for the transfer in your third year, you also apply for financial aid through your destination school. Need based aid is determined using the FAFSA; Saint Michael's scholarships cannot be used for the final portion of the program.

I'm an athlete who wants to play at St. Mike's. What do I need to know?

There are a few important things you should do if you want to play a varsity sport here at St. Mike's. You need to register with the NCAA Eligibility Center and become aware of academic requirements for DII college athletic eligibility. You will also want to check out the team's page on the Saint Michael's Athletics site and complete the Recruiting Questionnaire.

You can e-mail the coach indicating your interest in the sport and include relevant information about your experience as well as your upcoming contests, which the coach might be able to attend.

It's also a good idea to see a Saint Michael's game to check out the level of play and come to Saint Michael's for an NCAA official visit to meet the coach and team members in person and have your questions answered.

How soon do I have to declare my major?

Many incoming first-year students arrive on campus as Exploratory majors allowing time to discover an intellectual passion for a particular field. Depending on what you would like to do, we recommend declaring a major by your first semester of your sophomore year. Deciding later than that can make it difficult to complete the required courses and to have the flexibility in your schedule to study-abroad or have an internship experience.

When will I find out about my financial aid package? Do I receive the same amount all four years?

Admitted first-year students who have properly completed the financial aid process are notified about their financial aid package soon after the first of April, if not before.

All forms of financial aid, including scholarships offered by the College, are generally renewed, provided there is satisfactory academic progress and good standing, a timely financial aid application, annually demonstrated financial need and availability of funds. Some scholarships require recipients to maintain a specific cumulative grade point average. Application for renewal requires the proper and timely completion of the FAFSA.

What are the most popular majors at Saint Michael's College?

From our 30 majors offered at Saint Michael's, Biology, Psychology, and Business are the three most popular. Most incoming first-year students to Saint Michael's, however, are declared Exploratory. Exploratory students are encouraged to enroll in courses which will broaden their understanding of the available fields of study and refine their thinking toward finding the right match. Often, the vehicle for this search is through the framework of the Liberal Studies Requirements which expose students to the diverse options available through 30 majors and 32 minors, or an approved self-designed major.

What type of support and outcome can I expect with a degree from Saint Michael's College?

Saint Michael's has a vibrant and active internship program and career development office that prepares students for the workplace starting in their first year. You'll graduate with a strong resume and interviewing skills as well as a thorough education and some real-life experience .

While the vast majority of Saint Michael's students go to work full-time immediately after graduation, 51% of our students will attend graduate or professional school within five years of graduation, at institutions including Yale, University of Pennsylvania, Harvard, McGill, Johns Hopkins, Princeton, Cornell and Columbia Universities.

Are students allowed to have cars on campus?

Students may have cars on campus starting their sophomore year as long as you have a parking permit, which you can obtain from Public Safety. However, first-year students can apply for a parking permit to have their cars on North Campus during their second semester.

Questions from transfer students:

How will my credits transfer?

Credit may be transferred for work completed at accredited colleges with a grade of C- or better, provided that the courses correspond to offerings at Saint Michael's College.

Credits are considered for transfer only if an official transcript of such credits is submitted by the applicant prior to admission. A transfer student may be required to pass an examination to determine his/her readiness to enter a course or program. No advanced standing is officially recorded by the registrar until the transferred student has successfully completed one full year at Saint Michael's College. The remaining requirements to be fulfilled by transfer students to qualify for graduation from Saint Michael's will be determined on an individual basis.

All students who transfer must be in residence at least two years preceding their graduation. They must earn a minimum of 64 credits, including at least 18 credits in their major, at Saint Michael's College. As a student approaches graduation, 24 of the final 32 credits must be taken at Saint Michael's College.

Is on campus housing guaranteed? Will I be assigned a roommate in my same class?

Housing is 100% guaranteed for your four years at Saint Michael's. We try to house all first-year students together in first-year communities and each year the great majority of first-year students do live together, with some on Honors Housing.

Can transfer students study abroad?

Transfer students can and do study abroad, though they are usually on campus for a semester or two before they go. Check out our Study Abroad site to find out more about the programs we offer.