International Student Housing

Saint Michael's is a "residential university," which means that most students live on campus in close proximity to fellow students, faculty, and all university facilities including the library, dining halls, athletic facilities, theatres, and club meeting spaces.  Residential universities provide a supportive and friendly environment without the concerns of having to shop for food, arrange home repairs, commute to school, etc. Generally, the costs for living on campus, once meals are factored in, are quite reasonable compared to living on one's own.

Almost all international students at Saint Michael's live in a residence hall.  Included in the cost of housing at Saint Michael's are three or more meals each day in the dining halls and airport transfer. Linen service is available. Students in our English language programs may choose to live in a hotel, which is located right across the street from campus.

Because Saint Michael's College is a residential university, on-campus housing is not available for undergraduate students older than 23.

Residence Halls

There are several kinds of residence halls including dormitories with single and double rooms, suites, and apartments. Most international students in our ESL programs live in suite style housing.

Each residence hall room includes a bed, dresser, closet, desk, and chair. All residences are wired for broadband internet access. Each building offers a wide variety of common areas and seminar rooms used for studying and special programs. Each hall has laundry machines for student use.

Living options include:

Single Room: All single rooms have a bed, desk, desk chair, dresser and closet. There are a limited number of single rooms available for students. Students are placed into single rooms based on a first-come, first-served basis.

Double Room: All double rooms have two beds, two desks, two desk chairs, two dressers and two closets. During the summer session, international students reside in a double room with a U.S. or international roommate.

Suite: Students sleep in a single room but share a common area and bathroom with other students in the suite.  A suite is the most common living experience for international students.

Apartment: Students live in a single or double bedroom and share a living room, kitchen and bathrooms with other students in the apartment.

For more information and photos of all our living options, visit the housing section of our website.


Students in the English language programs may elect to live in a hotel located right across the street from the main campus.  All meals are still taken in the campus dining halls.

The Days Inn hotel is a bit more expensive than living in a residence hall, but it offers the following amenities: daily maid service, high-speed internet, swimming pool, cable television, microwave oven and refrigerator.

Dining Services

Dining Services are provided to all international students regardless of whether you live in a residence or hotel.  Saint Michael's Dining Services provides great food, honest values, and a comfortable atmosphere in which to enjoy it all. Students have a variety of dining locations from which to choose.

Dining on campus provides the social experience essential to campus life at a university like Saint Michael's. It gives you the opportunity to gather with friends, take study breaks, hang out, relax and unwind after a long day of classes and activities.

For more information, visit the dining services section of our website.


The following amenities are included in the housing fee: accommodations, three or more meals each day,  free pass for public transportation, season ski or snowboarding pass at Sugarbush (undergraduate students only, for a small additional processing fee), airport transfer, access to all university facilities including library, gymnasiums, weight rooms, swimming pool, aerobics studio, theatres, rehearsal space, art studios and internet access. Health insurance and linen service are included in the English language programs and are available for a fee to undergraduate students.

Summer Housing

Saint Michael's does offer housing during the summer session, when the majority of US and international students reside in double-rooms. Few single rooms are available during the summer.

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