Student Activities

Day Trips

Frequent day trips are planned for the international students at Saint Michael's. Some of the most popular day trips are to local shopping malls.

Day hikes are planned as well as day trips to local ski areas. In the summer, trips are scheduled to a local beach on the shores of Lake Champlain.

Some trips are planned so students can explore Vermont culture - like trips to maple syrup festivals in the spring and foliage festivals in the fall.

Students also learn about many aspects of American culture by participating in traditional celebrations like Halloween parties, Fourth of July barbecues and Thanksgiving feasts.

International Coffee Hour

A weekly coffee hour provides a chance for international students to socialize with American students, staff and faculty. Each coffee hour is based on a different theme. For example, each fall a coffee hour will highlight harvest time in Vermont with fresh picked apples and warm apple cider. Faculty members may share festivals and food from their own cultures. Visiting international students often showcase their countries with traditional music, costumes and food from their native lands.

"I can make friends, especially with people from other countries."
- Naomi Hirabayashi

"Coffee Hour is a good time to communicate with people from other countries. The first time I came to Coffee Hour I met many Japanese people so I could talk a lot and learn about this college and dormitory life. I come every week for the coffee and I want to talk to my friends."
- Miyuki Kobayashie

Wilderness Program

St. Mike's Wilderness Program is the coolest way to challenge yourself and explore the natural wonders of our location.

Hike. Rock climb. Ice climb. Kayak. Ski. You’ll develop skills, practice environmental stewardship and have a blast. You might even find yourself training to lead programs - it's intense, and amazing.

Cost for these adventures can be free or up to $15!


A commitment to serving the community runs through our veins here - service is at the heart of Saint Michael's Edmundite tradition.

MOVE, short for Mobilization of Volunteer Efforts, is one of St. Mike's most popular organizations; 70 percent of students participate in at least one MOVE volunteer opportunity every year.

Whether you have a few hours or want to make a year-long commitment, there's a MOVE-sponsored program that's sure to match your interests. Stop by! The MOVE office, part of Edmundite Campus Ministry, is located at the heart of the Alliot Student Center.

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